Our vision is for all animals to be accepted as sentient beings treated with dignity, compassion and respect

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RSPCA WA Submission

RSPCA WA has made a detailed submission to the State Parliament Legislative Council Inquiry into the Society.
It will appear before the Inquiry on September 7 where it will also respond to other submissions.
The full RSPCA WA submission is now online for interested supporters. (Click here).


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RSPCA Pet Insurance

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bandagedWombatJust $20 can feed and shelter an animal for a day.

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Dog and Puppy Training

Multiple venues and classes for puppies from 8 weeks to adult dogs.

Dog and Puppy Training


Adopt a Pet

Adopt A Pet is a list of all animals available for adoption at RSPCA shelters throughout Australia. All animals on Adopt A Pet have been health checked and temperament tested by expert RSPCA staff.


Animal Care Centre

108 Malaga Drive, Malaga
Western Australia, 6090

Backyard Dog Breeding

RSPCA President, Lynne Bradshaw speaks about choosing a puppy, and the dangers of buying puppies from places like pet shops, that may have been bred by Backyard Breeders or on Puppy Farms, such as dogs with chronic ill health and in constant pain.