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RSPCA WA reminds small land holders and hobby farmers of precautionary measures during heat wave

Hobby farmers, small landholders including owners of chickens, sheep, cattle, horses and goats and livestock producers, are urged to check water quantity and quality during this week's heat wave. Generally, healthy livestock may tolerate a range of temperatures. However, during periods of extreme heat they require added care from shade, shelter and plenty of clean water to stay healthy.


Lifesaving operation gives puppy a future


Specialist surgery has given a 10-week old broken-legged Kelpie puppy a second chance at life. A concerned member of the public who found the puppy with a severely broken leg dropped her off at Midland Vet Clinic.


RSPCA WA investigates cow shot by arrow at Lake Clifton

The RSPCA WA is investigating an incident involving a cow shot by an arrow at Old Bunbury Road, Lake Clifton this morning. The owner of the cow immediately contacted the police and the RSPCA when he found his cow in a state of distress this morning.


RSPCA WA traces owners of Tinkerbell

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With close co-operation from the Joondalup police, the RSPCA WA has traced and been in contact with the co-owners of 9 month old Tinkerbell, as the investigation unfolds to locate the offender responsible for throwing her from an overpass along the Mitchell Freeway, Perth, on January 22, 2016, at approximately 6am.


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Dog and Puppy Training

Multiple venues and classes for puppies from 8 weeks to adult dogs.

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Adopt a Pet

Adopt A Pet is a list of all animals available for adoption at RSPCA shelters throughout Australia. All animals on Adopt A Pet have been health checked and temperament tested by expert RSPCA staff.


Animal Care Centre

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Backyard Dog Breeding

RSPCA President, Lynne Bradshaw speaks about choosing a puppy, and the dangers of buying puppies from places like pet shops, that may have been bred by Backyard Breeders or on Puppy Farms, such as dogs with chronic ill health and in constant pain.