Our inspectors

RSPCA WA Inspectors are responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and are committed to rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect and from accidents and injuries. 

Every year we receive thousands of calls to our 24 hour Report Service. In 2018-19, our Inspectors handled over 21,000 cruelty calls with over 6,000 requiring investigation. With their specialist skills, our inspectors are able to resolve the vast majority of these cruelty complaints by providing advice, assistance and support to people who need help in looking after their animals.

We have Inspectors who cover Perth and other areas of Western Australia including the Great Southern, South West, Goldfields and Midwest. 

The RSPCA WA Inspectors rescue animals on a daily basis. All animals from domestic pets, wildlife and farm animals find themselves in need of a little assistance from time to time. When they do, we're here to help. We get called out to all sorts of incidents, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This job pictured involved a feral kitten that had trapped itself inside an industrial waste bin and was unable to get free. 


There aren’t many situations our Inspectors don’t deal with from abandoned animals, animals in emergencies like bushfires, animals that aren’t looked after properly, livestock at sale yards and feedlots, animals in sport, recreation and entertainment. 

The inspectors are specially trained and equipped to resolve the vast majority of these complaints by providing advice, assistance and support to people who need help in looking after their animals.

In most cases, we don't have to resort to prosecution because other prevention methods work, and this is our main aim. Wherever possible we offer advice and assistance to improve animal welfare. We may give people direction notices to improve their standards of care.  Direction notices are legally enforceable and if people don’t improve their welfare standards for their animals, this can lead to prosecution

Sometimes, the RSPCA inspectors have to deal with very serious cases of animal suffering and neglect.   In these and other types of cases we would consider if prosecution is an appropriate course of action.

When we’re not handling cruelty reports, we play a major role in preventing cruelty through education in the community. We speak to school students, provide assistance and advice to local government rangers and WA police about animal welfare issues. RSPCA WA Community Action Days bring everyone with a shared interest in animals together. We join local government rangers, local vets, animal rescue groups and dog trainers to promote good animal welfare and help people care for their animals. 


We want the law to work on behalf of animals - to protect all animals, give surviving animals a second chance, and prevent people from harming animals in the future.

Without our inspectors, all the hundreds of calls about animal concerns every month could not be answered.

Report a Cruelty Case via our Cruelty Hotline:

1300 CRUELTY or 1300 278 358

(best approach when animal is seriously injured, ill or trapped and requires URGENT attention)

Report a Cruelty Case online:

Please complete our online Cruelty Form

(best approach when animal is injured, sick or neglected and requires attention, but it's NOT an emergency)

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