Ever been on holiday but not known what to do with your pets? Allow us to introduce PetCloud, a website that connects pet owners to a national network of trusted pet sitters. By using PetCloud, you can be certain that your furry friends will be looked after while you’re away. 

And what’s good for you is good for RSPCA WA – 20% of PetCloud’s WA profits are generously donated to RSPCA WA, meaning every time you book with them you’re directly helping animals in need.

The advantages of pet sitting: 

  1. Pets are happier and experience less stress in a home environment.

  2. Consistent diet and exercise routines.

  3. Travel trauma for the pet is minimised.

  4. Pet's exposure to illness is minimised. 

What does a pet sitter do?

Pet owners often use sitters when they travel, work long hours or are too sick to care for their pet(s). Pet sitters set their own prices on PetCloud and offer a variety of services, including: 

  • Feeding pets and changing water bowls.

  • Dog walking and play time.

  • Cleaning litter boxes and any other pet messes.

  • Dog washing and grooming.

  • Trips to the vet to get pets' vaccinations up to date.

  • Doggie day care for puppies, anxious or sick pets who need supervision.

Find a trusted & insured pet sitter near you.