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RSPCA WA State Awards Program

RSPCA WA State Awards - nominations now closed

WA Governor Hon. Kerry Sanderson AC presents RSPCA WA Volunteer Beth Philliips with Long Service Award.

We know that WA is a state full of animal lovers, and we know our community is passionate about animal welfare. We also know that there are individuals in our community doing heroic things in the name of animal protection, and we believe these unsung heroes deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their efforts.

That’s why we’ve launched the RSPCA WA State Awards program - and now we need your help to identify these special people and their inspiring acts!

There are five award categories in total, designed to recognise and celebrate commendable acts of bravery, compassion and advocacy carried out by individuals or groups with the purpose of saving animals’ lives or improving welfare standards. There is one animal award too, which recognises the lengths our loyal companions will go to in order to protect us. 


Anyone can submit a nomination - so if you or someone you know has done something extraordinary in the name of animal protection, we’d love to know about it. 

Simply download and complete the relevant Nomination Form from the 5 award category options below, and return your completed form by email to awards@rspcawa.asn.au

Nominations closed at 5pm (WST) on Wednesday 29 August 2018.

Winners will be announced at the RSPCA WA State Awards function on Thursday 4 October 2018.


RSPCA WA Animal Bravery Award

This award is exclusively for animals that have demonstrated heroism and loyalty towards humans. It reflects the performance of a deed by an animal that displays exceptional courage in the face of danger, thereby greatly benefitting a human or humans.

The award recognises the incredible bond and loyalty that can be developed between humans and animals and reminds people that when animals are treated with love and respect, they will often undertake courageous acts to protect humans, sometimes at the risk of their own life.

It is acknowledged that this award is very unique and, in some years, may not receive any suitable nominations.


  • This award is available only to animals
  • The animal must live in WA
  • The act of bravery occurred in WA
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RSPCA WA Humane Award

This award recognises a person who has, through great personal endeavour and exceptional courage and bravery, risked their own personal safety to rescue an animal or animals or made significant advancement in improving the lives of many animals.


  • Available to individuals, groups or organisations
  • The individual, group or organisation being nominated is from Western Australia OR the animals involved have strong ties with Western Australia
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RSPCA WA Youth Award

This award is to recognise the efforts of a young person(s), up to the age of 18, who has demonstrated exceptional efforts in the community (either through a fundraising project, awareness project or activity) to raise awareness of animal welfare issues, raise funds to support animal welfare, or by demonstrating a significant voluntary contribution towards animal welfare.


  • Available to individuals and groups
  • The young person or group being nominated is from WA
  • The young person or group members were all under 18 years of age at the time
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RSPCA WA Community Action Award

This award is to recognise a community or volunteer group who has made an outstanding contribution in improving animal welfare standards, significantly heightening awareness of animal welfare issues; or have made a substantial direct impact to the lives of animals through a project directly impacting on animals’ wellbeing.


  • Available to community or volunteer groups
  • The group being nominated operates within WA
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RSPCA WA Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is to honour an individual who, through their volunteering at RSPCA WA, has made a significant impact to the lives of animals, the organisation and their volunteer peers.


  • Available only to individuals
  • Nominees must have been active in their RSPCA WA volunteering duties for all or part of the last 12 months
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