Achieve your 2021 Goals with a new Friend

While we're all looking forward to seeing the end of 2020, these five furry friends need a new start more than anyone!

Together, they have spent a grand total of 777 days in the Shelter - and it's going up every day!

If you need help sticking to your New Year's Resolution for 2021, why not adopt one of these guys who can help you stick to your 2021 Goals?!

(We know you've been thinking about adopting a new pet for a while, so we've reduced their adoption fees to help make your decision easier!)

Once you've decided who to adopt, please make an appointment to come and meet them.

How they'll help you achieve your resolutions

Chester staffy cross dogGet Fit & Move More

Chester is your guy! He's a 9-month old pup who needs lots of exercise and training! He’s a big, loving goof ball who just needs help to learn how to be a well-mannered and respectful canine citizen. He’ll help make 2021 your fittest year yet.

Chester has been in the shelter for 50 days and counting.


Ron the cat enjoying a cuddleSlow Down, Go With the Flow

Ron just wants to chill with you on the couch or lay in a patch of sun on the carpet and watch the world go by through the window. This little kitty is a shy dude who needs a chilled out best human friend to stop and smell the roses with him in 2021. (Ron is FIV+ so will need to be an indoor cat).

Ron has been in the shelter for 63 days and counting.


Get Out MoreShadow the dog up for adoption

Shadow wants to get out and socialise and explore the great outdoors! As his best friend, he’ll want you to come along too and discover exciting new people and places in 2021.

Shadow has been in the shelter for 170 days and counting.



Madden the cat looking for a permanent loving homeLearn patience, give more second chances

Madden knows what he wants – and what he doesn’t. He’s a bit too cool for school and will only tolerate short bouts of affection. So if you want to practice your tolerance and unconditional love in 2021, he could be the boy for you.

Madden has been in care for over 244 days! He really needs to find a permanent loving home!


Olive the pup, she's deaf but can feel the loveLearn a Language (Sign language counts!!)

Olive is a beautiful, happy-go-lucky 13-week old puppy. She’s completely deaf so her new owner will have to learn doggy sign language - a great 2021 challenge - so they can communicate with her effectively.

Olive has only been with us for around 10 days, but the sooner she finds a new home, the sooner she can learn to communicate.


Maybelle the black and white cat is looking for a homeSlow down, more 'Me' time

Maybelle is an older lady; friendly but takes a while to come out of her shell. If you’re looking to shift down a gear and settle in with a good book while she gets settled, 2021 could be your year! You'll also need to help Maybelle with her daily meds for Feline Coronavirus (don't worry, it's not transmissable to humans!)

Maybelle has been in the shelter for over 244 days, so she's keen to find a permanent loving home.

Please check out this important information about the pet adoption process and what it means to be a responsible pet owner.