Animals in Agriculture

The information provided on this page outlines how the RSPCA WA works with industry and stakeholders to ensure humane treatment of animals in agriculture. You will find a short summary of the each of the key issues, with links to further information including legislation, policies and guidelines.

Livestock Welfare

RSPCA WA is committed to supporting animal welfare in Western Australian food and fibre industries. We collaborate with governments, peak farming bodies, regional groups and individual farmers to provide feedback and advice on matters to do with animal welfare. Our objective is to ensure animals in agriculture are treated humanely from birth to slaughter. Indeed, this aim is shared by many farmers and peak farming bodies.

The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme for poultry and pigs sets strict animals welfare standards that go above regulatory requirements. The Scheme demonstrates how upholding the highest standards in animal welfare is commercially viable and highlights our commitment to work with industry to improve the lives of animals in agriculture. 

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