Livestock Welfare Matters

Livestock Welfare Matters is a quarterly e-newsletter from RSPCA WA directly to people in agriculture in Western Australia. 

The farming community in WA are important stakeholders for us. At a time when interest in and awareness of animal welfare is increasing among the general public, it is imperative to improve communication between RSPCA WA and livestock producers.

Through Livestock Welfare Matters we plan to reach you directly with information on a wide range of animal welfare topics. 

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The catalyst for Livestock Welfare Matters came from recent meetings with individual farmers and with local groups in the Wheatbelt and in the Mid-West. From those discussions, we’ve learned that while there are a few misconceptions about our activities, most of you have a positive view of the RSPCA and the work we do.

In Wickepin, we were asked about the percentage of WA sheep that are currently mulesed using pain relief and we have included an article on that in this issue.

We have also taken on board a number of queries about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme and realise we could explain the scheme more clearly and, in particular, the relationship between it and major supermarkets. On that point, we will include an article about this with the FAQs in the Summer issue of Livestock Welfare Matters.

And, we have noted the concerns you have about feral pest animals especially wild dogs, feral pigs, cats and others. In the coming editions of this e-newsletter, we’ll be addressing some of these topics in detail. RSPCA is not opposed to the destruction of feral pest animals. Our position is that culling programs should be undertaken as part of a properly thought out comprehensive pest management plan and the animals should be killed humanely. But, more on these topics in the future.

Successful communication is a two way street and we hope you will provide comment and feedback on items in this e-news and any other topics you would like to hear from us about in future. You can write to us at or call us on 9209 9300. 

And, you can also check out our new Animals in Agriculture section on our RSPCA WA website.

We look forward to connecting with you again over the summer.

Lynne Bradshaw

President RSPCA WA