Puppy Kindy

Help your new puppy on its way to becoming a friendly and well-behaved family pet by starting training while your puppy’s brain is most receptive to learning (8 – 13 weeks old).

Lessons learned now will last them a lifetime - so they can sail through life as a happy, friendly and relaxed dog that can cope well with new experiences such as meeting new dogs in the park or having visitors at home.

You’ll also learn a lot too! We’ll teach you effective techniques to prevent unwanted behaviour at home - including common concerns such as toileting accidents, biting, chewing, jumping up, barking and being destructive when left alone.

Plus, by choosing RSPCA dog training, you’re also helping to protect animals in WA from cruelty and neglect - with course fees contributing to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need.

Puppy attends all 4 sessions, including Week 1.

  • Where: At RSPCA Malaga & various other locations across Perth, in a safe indoor environment.
  • Who: Pups over 8 weeks but younger than 13 weeks at the start of the course, who have had their first vaccination. Pups older than 13 weeks should enrol in Level 1.
  • Duration: 50 minute session for 4 weeks. 
  • Cost: $100 

*Note: Upcoming courses may have a break in the schedule over the Christmas and New Year period. Please check with your instructor at the first lesson. 


Future classes

No classes currently available online. Please call us to arrange a booking.

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