Venue Sign-up - Pints for Pups

Join RSPCA WA’s Pints for Pups this Summer.

Pints for Pups* is WA’s chance to support animals in need by doing something that many of us do anyway – having a pint with a few mates.

Your business can help raise funds for animals in need by donating a portion of sales of every pint sold. That's how we got "Pints for Pups".

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What's the purpose of Pints for Pups?

RSPCA WA relies on community support like this to raise vital funds to cover the costs of our animal protection work.

At any one time, there are around 200 animals in our care, needing medical treatment and shelter while they recover from cruelty and neglect.

The money you help to raise makes a tangible impact on all these animals: together we can work towards a future free from animal cruelty.

When does the event happen?

Pints for Pups will run throughout the year. Your venue can run an event any time - for one day, over a weekend, or for a whole month - it's up to you!

How do we raise money?

The basic premise is that a portion of the price of every pint will be donated to help animals in need.

It's up to you to choose how this works:

  • donate a portion of sales of all pints over a day, a weekend, or the whole month
  • Choose a particular beer or brand and donate a portion of sales of those pints only for the chosen period.

Your promotion might look like this: $1 from every pint of Little Creatures sold throughout November goes to fight animal cruelty.

What support will we receive?

RSPCA WA wants to help drive as many customers to your venue to support your fundraising efforts. We'll provide:

  • Promotional posters and coasters to promote Pints for Pups in your venue
  • Social media assets that you can share with your followers to promote the event
  • Social media posts to our 74,000 Facebook followers and 14,000 Instagram followers promoting Pints for Pups throughout November
  • Media releases to promote the idea shared throughout WA.

Are you a pet friendly venue? Let us know and we'll be sure to promote that too!

Download this form and sign up to participate in Pints for Pups NOW!

*Funds raised will also help cats, rabbits, pocket pets, and many other animals in need.

RSPCA WA supports the responsible service of alcohol.