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The RSPCA is committed to bringing about change in animal welfare across Australia. Improvements in animal welfare will only occur with a unified and strong voice. By becoming a member of RSPCA Western Australia, you have an opportunity to be heard.

How your membership makes a difference

As an RSPCA WA member, you become an active participant in shaping a better future for all animals. You will have a voice in how RSPCA WA delivers its mission to promote animal welfare and kindness to animals, and prevent or suppress cruelty to animals.

Membership expires on 30 June each year. The subscription fee is due on each subsequent 1 July. Renewal notices will be issued. For more information please email

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Please note:

  1. RSPCA WA has now transitioned from an incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee. In accordance with the proposed Constitution, members are required to agree to comply with the Constitution including paying a $10 guarantee in the event the company is made insolvent. 

  2. Membership of RSPCA WA is not an automatic entitlement; applications are subject to approval by the RSPCA WA Board (which generally meets once a month).

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