Together we can make a difference to the welfare of all animals by teaching others to treat them with sympathy, consideration, compassion and respect. The RSPCA speaks up for those who cannot speak or defend themselves. You can help that voice to be heard.

Significant improvements in animal welfare will only occur with a unified and strong voice – so join us and become an RSPCA member today.

RSPCA memberships offer a range of benefits including a Welcome Pack sent to all new Members.

Join now.



Adult Membership Pack:

  • Welcome letter

  • Membership card

  • Bumper Sticker

  • RSPCA Pen

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As an RSPCA WA adult Member you also have:

  • The right to elect RSPCA WA board members and attend the Annual General Meeting

  • Access to copies of publications including:

           -   RSPCA WA Annual Report

           -   RSPCA Great & Small magazine

           -   Regular communications about events and activities at our Malaga site

  • 10% discount on RSPCA dog training

  • 10% discount on pet and accessories at the Animal Care Centre in Malaga (excluding Hills Pet Food and medication)

  • 10% discount at our national pet store, the RSPCA Superstore: World for Pets (upon joining the Loyalty Club) 

Click here to find out how to become a Junior and Youth Membership.

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