A Home Forever

A Home Forever
Peace of mind for pet owners

“I’ve loved animals my entire life, from keeping hamsters as a little girl in England to more recently working as a vet nurse in Australia. I know firsthand how special the bond is between owners and their pets. 

“There’s no guarantee that friends or family will be able to look after your pets once you’ve gone, which is why our two dogs Hamish and Angus are registered in RSPCA’s ‘A Home Forever’ Program. 

“As a volunteer with RSPCA I fully appreciate the work they do and it gives us great peace of mind knowing our precious dogs will get the care they need and be rehomed into a loving family, after we are gone.”

Janet. RSPCA WA Bequestor

For many of us, it’s difficult to imagine life without our beloved pets by our side. But do we ever think about what life would be like for them, if we were no longer by their side?

RSPCA WA’s A Home Forever Program is available to all pet owners who leave a gift in their Will to RSPCA WA. It gives pet owners of any age peace of mind knowing that their pets will be well cared for should they pass away before their pet.

Patches, the Blue Heeler (left), came into our care after her owner sadly passed away. After receiving medical treatment, Patches is now happy in her new forever home with her carer, Jim, who adores her.

Making a plan for the future care of your pets can bring you comfort, and by leaving a bequest you are also helping other animals in need.

To find out more about A Home Forever, please contact our Planned Giving Coordinator:

Email: plannedgiving@rspcawa.asn.au
Phone: 08 9209 9332
Download: ‘A Home Forever’ Brochure
Download: Suggested Clause Wording & Organisation Details

If you would like to participate in the A Home Forever program, you may need to adjust your current Will. RSPCA WA recommends you seek qualified legal advice to ensure your Will correctly reflects your wishes and is legally binding. Click here for our suggested clause wording.