Pet Bequests

For many of us, it’s difficult to imagine life without our beloved pets by our side. But do we ever think about what life would be like for them, if we were no longer by their side?

RSPCA WA’s free Pet Bequest Program is available to all pet owners who leave a gift to RSPCA WA in their Will. It gives pet owners of any age peace of mind knowing that their pets will be well cared for should they pass away, before their pet.

Through our Pet Bequest Program, we’ve found loving new homes for many beloved pets. Homes where their unique preferences are accommodated so they can continue to live the life they’re accustomed to.

Once you have registered your pets with us, we issue you emergency contact cards and a fridge magnet. These alert people to the fact that arrangements have been made for RSPCA WA to be contacted to care for any pets when necessary. 

To make your wishes for the future care of your pets known, click here for suggested bequest clauses to discuss with your lawyer and loved ones when drafting your Will.

Before you finalise your Will, we suggest you contact our Planned Giving Coordinator on (08) 9209 9332 to ensure we can meet your wishes and to properly register your pet for our Pet Bequest Program.


Click here to download our Pet Bequest booklet to find out more about leaving a gift in your will.