Guardian Angel Appeal


It’s tough work rescuing an abused animal like Gloria. You see the physical hurt straightaway.

For Gloria, it was the ribs sticking out of her skin-and-bone body. The poor thing’s eyes watering and sore. Her skin dry, and her paws angry red. No wonder she cowered in the corner and growled at our RSPCA animal carers. 

You don’t suffer that much hurt at the hands of a human being and hold on to trust. That’s what’s really tough.  Looking into the eyes of an abused animal like Gloria and seeing fear instead of the trust every animal deserves to feel.

That’s why we're so thankful for Guardian Angels like you. 

The holiday season is the toughest time of the year at the RSPCA. Families going off on summer holidays leave behind pets without proper food or shade or water. Or simply abandon them.

Your kind donation can give ointment for inflamed paws, antibiotics to treat infections, specialised food to add weight and strength, or specialist care and surgery for the very worst cases. And the most important things is, you give the love and patient care of the RSPCA team. Cuddles when a dog like Gloria is cowering. Play-time for a pup separated from its litter. Soft soothing words for an animal abused.

After 7 months of treatment and support at our Animal Care Centre, Gloria had put on 5 kilos and was strong and healthy enough to be adopted, which she was by midwife Suze and her family.

Gloria’s story has a happy ending, but every day, we receive more than 40 calls for help. And this month, hundreds of abandoned and abused animals like Gloria will rely on donations from generous animals lovers like you for their survival and care.  

Cruelty never ends and we desperately need your help. Please click here to make an urgent donation of $25, even $50 today.  Thank you for caring.