Be A Guardian Angel this Christmas

At Christmas time, our pets are an important part of the family. 

But sometimes the unexpected can happen and pets find themselves alone. Your help right now makes a difference to animals in need.

Animals like Mash.

When Mash first arrived at the Animal Care Centre, he was scared and in pain. The vet was shocked at how skinny he was – she was about to get an even bigger shock.

Your generous gift will help provide vital medical treatment when it’s needed most. And you’ll give animals a cosy bed, a loving foster family, and all the love they need so that they can recover.

Christmas is one of our busiest times of year at the RSPCA. So many animals find themselves without a home. Without hope. 

But because of Guardian Angels like you, they can get a second chance at happiness.

Every animal coming to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre receives immediate medical attention. This can be expensive. X-rays, blood tests, and thorough check-ups are needed before healing can begin. 

And in emergencies, there are even more costs. 

Your gift means that animals who need it can get life-saving medical care straight away.

Mash relied on the kindness of Guardian Angels like you to get the care he needed.


Mash was very sick and thin when he arrived. He’d been unable to eat properly for months, and had lost a lot of weight.

For three weeks he couldn’t keep any proper food down. The only thing that seemed to work was small amounts of mashed potato.

His owners didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.

So they called the RSPCA for help.

Everything they tried had not worked. Mash’s condition continued to worsen. 

His owners couldn’t afford the medical treatment he needed. Mash was surrendered into the care of the RSPCA Inspector.

When he arrived at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre, he weighed just over 2kg – around half of what he should have.

Mairi, the senior vet, was shocked – she could not recall seeing a skinnier dog than Mash. 

You could see straight away that he was very thin – his skull, jaw, spine and hips all clearly visible.

Mash was so sick he couldn’t even keep water down. He was dehydrated and seemed to be in pain. 

The medical team took action immediately. They put him on a drip to help rehydrate him, and tried to feed him very small amounts of bland food. He couldn’t keep this down either.


When Mash was x-rayed, Mairi the vet noticed something causing a blockage. 

But before they could operate, the vets had to make sure that little Mash was strong enough to survive. 

During the operation, the vets and nurses got such a shock when they discovered the cause of Mash’s pain… A sock!

It was no wonder little Mash was so dehydrated. No food was getting past such a blockage. The vets removed the sock, but it was touch and go – he was still so weak. Mash was given pain killers to help ease his suffering. And anti-biotics to fight against infection.

Mash was transferred to Perth Vet Emergency hospital where he was monitored around the clock as he began to heal.


Mash’s little life began to change. Slowly at first, but then he got his energy back. And his appetite.

He had lost so much weight when he was sick. Mash was syringe-fed a nutrient dense formula to kick start his weight gain. These were tiny meals, given to him six times a day.

But he made great progress. It wasn’t long before he was strutting around with a bounce in his step. He was quite proud of himself – having recovered from such an ordeal.


As a Guardian Angel, you’ll help to make a dream come true for a homeless animal in the shelter.

Your support is crucial year-round, but even more so at Christmas. That’s because the holiday season is one of the busiest times for the RSPCA.

Some animals will come to us because their owners can’t take care of them, like Mash.

Countless more will need rescuing because their owners have gone away and left them without proper care. Did you know that more animals are reported abandoned at Christmas than any other time of year?

And sadly, animals suffering from abuse at the hands of cruel owners will need healing and safety.

The best way you can help the animals who’ll spend Christmas with the RSPCA is to become a Guardian Angel. Your gift can help provide for their needs while in our care over Christmas, so that they have the best chance for a happier life.

Please donate today


Mash received the care he needed thanks to people like you.When you become a Guardian Angel, you’ll be making a wonderful difference for animals in our care, by providing everything they need over Christmas:

  • X-rays, surgery, antibiotics and medication
  • A safe and warm place to sleep
  • Healthy, nutritious food and water
  • Grooming, exercise and behaviour training
  • Toys for play and time to socialise with other animals

And of course, a little extra something to make Christmas Day special!

Dogs spending Christmas at the RSPCA will wake up to delicious treats and new toys.

Other animals, like cats and rabbits, will also receive special treatment, like extra cuddles and play time, and some of their favourite foods.

So even though they won’t be in their forever home, each animal who spends Christmas with us will know they’re loved and cared for. Because of Guardian Angels like you.

It’s so easy to become a Guardian Angel for an animal in need this Christmas. It takes just three easy steps:

1. Click here to make your donation online

2. Choose an animal who is waiting for their new home to watch over this Christmas.

3. Download your Guardian Angel card, and you’ll meet the animal you’re watching over this Christmas. 


Your friends or loved ones can be Guardian Angels too… all thanks to you.

You can send a Guardian Angel Gift Card to a friend when you make a donation on their behalf. You can choose whether they’ll be a Guardian Angel for a dog, a cat, or other animal.  Then add a personal Christmas message on the card, print it out at home, or send an e-card thanking them for their kindness. You can even schedule the e-card to go right away, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or choose a date.

Donate on behalf of your family or friends and make them a Guardian Angel too

It’s going to be a busy Christmas here at the RSPCA.

Thankfully, Mash’s prognosis is good, and he’ll be ready for adoption soon. (And we’ll warn his new owners to keep an eye on their socks!)

We’re planning a perfect Christmas for Mash and all the other animals in the Shelter in need of our help. 

And with Guardian Angels like you, we’ll be able to help every single one.