Matilda's story

Just 12 weeks. That’s how old Matilda was when Inspector Sam found her. The next day, she was gone.

In her final week, she was in constant agony; dragging her two back legs along the ground as she suffered through the pain of multiple fractures, and severe damage to her spinal cord.

Matilda had been left alone … scared … and literally broken.

Sadly, Matilda’s injuries were too severe to treat and the vet team was forced to humanely and lovingly end her suffering.

Read Matilda’s story in detail. Warning: some of the details are graphic and could be upsetting.

While the RSPCA wasn’t able to save Matilda, we were able to humanely end her suffering. Instead of having to spend another day or week dragging herself around that backyard, this little pup was given a peaceful end, surrounded by people who truly cared.

The neighbours who reported Matilda to us gave us the information we know. When she was rescued from her abandoned home, her owner could not be located. As a result, Matilda’s case is an ongoing investigation.

Between them, our Inspectors must cover the 2.5 million square kilometres of Western Australia, responding to some 6,360 cases of animal neglect and cruelty each year. They never know what they’re going to find at the next job so they have to be prepared for anything. 

Often they also have to travel great distances to respond to an animal in need. For Inspector Sam, it was an eight hour round trip to rescue Matilda, meaning she was unable to respond to any other cases for that time.

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