At first, you won’t want Toffee’s story to end the way it does. Toffee deserved better.

Yet, when you see what he suffered in his last few months, you’ll be left thinking ‘Thank God RSPCA Inspector Sam found Toffee when she did’.

Toffee’s call came in on a Sunday afternoon in November. The caller said three horses on a property were all looking very thin. The owner – an elderly lady – had not been seen for a long time. That’s when Inspector Sam knew she had to rush to get there.

Toffee’s teeth were overgrown and broken so he could not eat. Ribs were showing through his skin. Worst of all was an ugly growth bursting out of Toffee’s stomach.

Click here to read Inspector Sam’s report (WARNING: some may find the images distressing)

No wonder Toffee was in such horrible pain.

There was no way Inspector Sam was leaving the property without Toffee. She called another RSPCA Inspector for help and together they transported Toffee to a hospital for horses. 

When the vet examined Toffee, they found the growth on his stomach was a cancer. It was filled with maggots and untreatable. The only way to rescue Toffee from his pain was to humanely euthanise him. It hurts a lot when that is the best rescue we can give.

Thankfully, the other two horses were OK and simply needed farrier work on their hooves. And we found Toffee’s owner. She was more than 80 years old, and had become very sick 12 months earlier. She’d gone to live with family, and asked a friend to care for the horses. That friend too was elderly, and poor, and it had all gotten too much.

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