Dodgy backyard breeders: Let's put them out of business

Angel was the victim of dodgy backyard breeding. 

When she came into the shelter, she was just days away from giving birth. Yet she was so painfully thin, her ribs, hips and spine were protruding.

Our vets gave Angel a body score of just one out of ten. This should have been around five.

And yet she was expected to carry a litter of puppies to full term and somehow survive the birth. Just to do it over again the next time her owners wanted to make a quick buck.

Like an overwhelming number of female dogs being bred each year in WA, her owner wasn’t a ‘professional’. They weren’t registered, and they didn’t care about Angel’s health and wellbeing during her pregnancy. As you can see from the photo above.

Sadly we see this time and time again. Unregistered backyard breeders, out to make a quick buck, are hurting and exploiting female dogs in the most disgusting ways.



They keep their dogs locked up in horrible conditions for their own personal gain - hidden from public view in filthy, hot, dark sheds and small cages to protect their ‘business’.

They treat them like their lives don’t matter. But they do.

At 3 years old, it’s possible Angel could be up to her fourth litter by now. Doesn’t that just break your heart?

Thankfully Angel was rescued in time. With the support of our vets, she delivered 11 healthy pups and today, all are thriving.

But how many more dogs like Angel are living in hell, right now, hidden from view?

You can help bring these animals to safety. 

Your donation means RSPCA WA can continue the fight against dodgy backyard breeding, rescue more animals in danger, and bring them safely into care for urgent treatment and rehabilitation.

Your action will help rescue exploited mothers and their puppies and give them a new life filled with love.

You can help put an end to cruel backyard breeding and stop the suffering of animals like Angel.

Please, give your support today to help rescue more animals before it’s too late.

Together, let’s put dodgy backyard breeders out of business.