Little Maverick deserved better...

his sister Matilda did too.


Every day, we open our doors to animals who have been mistreated. Neglected. Ignored. Abused.
And forgotten.

We see animals whose injuries are so severe, we don’t know if they’ll overcome the hurt of their neglect.

And each and every one of these animals depends on caring people like you to help them.

When brother and sister - Maverick and Matilda - were found by our Inspector, they were extremely scared and skinny.

They were the product of dodgy backyard breeding... unwanted and unloved, they were left outside to fend for themselves. No food, No shelter. No love.

Their bodies were wasting away, skinny - with every rib protruding from beneath their puppy skin. 

Their mother, who was also left in the backyward, had started to attack her young ones - driven mad by her own hunger and little human interaction.

The cruelty didn't end there.

Their sister from one of the mum's other litters, Kiara, was also suffering. She'd been locked in the house's small laundry and not allowed out.

In all, there were five animals at the property where Maverick and Matilda were so cruelly treated. It took our Inspector several trips to bring them all back to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre. But once they arrived, they were treated with nothing but love and care.

Just like all the animals who come through our doors, every day.

That’s why we need your help, right now, to be able to care for the next animals who will arrive at our shelter today, tomorrow, and the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. 

Your help for animals like Matilda and Maverick means we can: 

  • train and equip Inspectors to respond to reports of cruelty;
  • provide animals with life-saving veterinary treatment;
  • give neglected animals vital medication, shelter and care to recover from their hurt;
  • teach abused animals to trust again; and
  • rehome more animals to loving homes.


Every day, we see donations from generous people like you saving and changing lives - just like they have done for Maverick and Matilda.

Please give what you can today so together we can be there for mistreated animals in WA who need us.

Today. Tomorrow. And every day.