Franky's Story



The moment Inspector Flo saw Franky, her heart just sank. 

She could see from his eyes how miserable and sad he was, and looking at his picture now, you can see it too.

For months he’d been tormented by the constant itching of his skin… every minute of every day. 

He was in dire need of urgent medical care and relief.

As well as a skin infection that reached from his head to his tail, both of Franky’s ears were infected and his eyelids were so inflamed that Flo said he could barely open his eyes enough to look at her.

Franky’s owner agreed to surrender him so Flo could get him urgent and proper care. And as she pulled into the shelter with Franky in her truck, she felt a huge sense of relief knowing relief for Franky was just moments away.

When animals like Franky are let down by their owners, they need us to stop their pain and suffering. 

When no one else cares, we do. But we can’t do it alone.

Last year, 763 animals like Franky were surrendered to RSPCA WA Inspectors. A further 168 animals were seized by Inspectors pending further investigation. That’s nearly 1,000 animals in need of specialised attention and care.

Whatever their situation, surrendered and seized animals need you on their side to stop their suffering before it’s too late.

By donating today to help other animals like Franky, your gift can:

  • help provide medicated baths for animals with itchy, sore skin
  • help provide animals with a comfy bed and a hygienic kennel while they’re in our care
  • help with specialist surgery costs to correct dogs’ painful, rolled-in eyelids


Caring for surrendered animals, like Franky, is costly and time-consuming; especially when they need medical treatment. For Franky, this involved:

  • Being seen by a vet 17 times.
  • He was also operated on twice.
  • Plus, he received 13 different medications.


Added to that are the daily costs of feeding and housing Franky until we can find him a new home.

But it’s what we must do, and it’s what we do best. 

When pets are let down by their owners (like Franky was) the RSPCA steps in. 



















In addition to receiving treatment for mites, worms and fleas; Franky was given antibiotics and regular medicated baths to heal his terrible skin condition; and underwent two eye surgeries to correct his rolled-in eyelids. 

Thankfully, after all this care, he’s now feeling like himself again and looks amazing.

And for the first time in a long time, he’s not itchy.

He’s like a new man!

That's the difference you make when you DONATE to help animals like Franky receive the care they need and deserve.