Be A Guardian Angel this Christmas

At Christmas, there are so many animals in the shelter who need extra special love and care.

As a Guardian Angel, your support will ensure they have everything they need, so that they have a second chance at a happier life.

Animals like Bebe.

Bebe was cowering in a small crate under a tarpaulin when Inspector Sam first saw him. He was kept there his whole life – 11 long years. 

When Inspector Sam realised that Bebe was also in pain, she knew she had to act fast.


For Bebe, every day was exactly the same. Kept in a small crate in the backyard of a home north of Perth, there was nothing for him to do except sit and stare out at the world through wire mesh. 

Once a day Bebe’s owner would bring food, and occasionally he’d offer water. But Bebe was never allowed to run around the yard, or play. 

On rainy days, he was covered with an old tarp to protect him from the weather.

He was let out of his crate on cold nights, but it didn’t get any better. He was confined to an even smaller crate when he was inside the house.

Things got worse when Bebe developed infections in his ears and eyes. Now – on top of the mundane day to day – Bebe was being tormented by pain and irritation. His owner didn’t take him to a vet.

Thank goodness for the kind person who called the RSPCA for help.

Inspector Sam’s heart dropped when she first saw Bebe. She noticed straight away that his eyes were in bad condition. One eye was covered with a thick matt of fur. The other eye looked irritated, swollen and painful.

“It’s gut-wrenching to think about Bebe living like this – day in, day out for 11 years,” she recalls.

“He deserved so much more than this sorrowful and empty existence. No animal should to have their suffering ignored. But his owners simply didn’t know how to look after him.”

Bebe would have had a bleak future. But thanks to generous and kind people like you, he was saved from this awful fate. Your gifts ensured that Bebe was rescued, and received the medical care he deserved.


Bebe was frightened when he arrived at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre. He wasn’t used to so many people around and was unsure about his new surroundings. 

RSPCA vets and vet nurses starting working immediately to help relieve his pain.

When the vets examined his eyes, they found he had conjunctivitis in his right eye, which they could treat. His left eye, hidden by thick matted fur, was shrunken, infected, and it smelt awful. It would need to be carefully removed in surgery.

Bebe’s ear canals had eroded from constant irritation and infection which had been left untreated for many months

But before the vets could operate on Bebe, they had to treat his infections, if he was going to stand any chance of survival.

As a Guardian Angel this Christmas, you can help dogs like Bebe get the urgent medical treatment they need. And help them heal from their lives of pain and neglect.

While he recovered from his surgeries, Bebe also learnt what it means to be a dog. 

For the first time in his life, he was taken on daily walks. And he learnt what real love feels like from the people who were caring for him.

It wasn’t long before his little tail began to wag more frequently, and Bebe came out of his shell. He also learned how to behave with other dogs and become more sociable.


As a Guardian Angel, you’ll help to make a dream come true for a homeless animal in the shelter.

Your support is crucial year-round, but even more so at Christmas. That’s because the holiday season is one of the busiest times for the RSPCA.

Some animals will come to us because their owners can’t take care of them, like Bebe.

Countless more will need rescuing because their owners have gone away and left them without proper care. Did you know that more animals are reported abandoned at Christmas than any other time of year?

And sadly, animals suffering from abuse at the hands of cruel owners will need healing and safety.

The best way you can help the animals who’ll spend Christmas with the RSPCA is to become a Guardian Angel. Your gift can help provide for their needs while in our care over Christmas, so that they have the best chance for a happier life.

Please donate today


When you become a Guardian Angel, you’ll be making a wonderful difference for animals in our care, by providing everything they need over Christmas:

  • Bowls for food and water
  • A safe and warm place to sleep
  • Vaccinations, anti-biotics, surgery and medication
  • Grooming, exercise and behaviour training
  • Toys for play and time to socialise with other animals

And of course, a little extra something to make Christmas Day special!

Dogs spending Christmas at the RSPCA will wake up to delicious treats and new toys.

Other animals, like cats and rabbits, will also receive special treatment, like extra cuddles and play time, and some of their favourite foods.

So even though they won’t be in their forever home, each animal who spends Christmas with us will know they’re loved and cared for. Because of Guardian Angels like you.

It’s so easy to become a Guardian Angel for an animal in need this Christmas. It takes just three easy steps:

1. Click here to make your donation online

2. Choose an animal who is waiting for their new home to watch over this Christmas.

3. Download your Guardian Angel card, and you’ll meet the animal you’re watching over this Christmas. 


Your friends or loved ones can be Guardian Angels too… all thanks to you.

You can send a Guardian Angel Gift Card to a friend when you make a donation on their behalf. You can choose whether they’ll be a Guardian Angel for a dog, a cat, or other animal.  Then add a personal Christmas message on the card, print it out at home, or send an e-card thanking them for their kindness. You can even schedule the e-card to go right away, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or choose a date.

Donate on behalf of your family or friends and make them a Guardian Angel too

Bebe will be enjoying his first perfect Christmas, thanks to you.It’s going to be a busy Christmas here at the RSPCA. Thankfully, Bebe made a full recovery and has just been adopted – he’s now getting to know his new owner. (When we asked her where Bebe was going to be kept during the day, she replied: Right next to me on the couch!)

While Bebe will be enjoying his first perfect Christmas, there are many, many more animals, just like him, in need of our help.

But with Guardian Angels like you, we’ll be able to open our arms to every single one.