Help care for rescued rabbits

Over 100 rabbits and kits have been rescued from crowded conditions at a property in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Inspector Flo and rescue groups SAFE Perth, Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue and Saving Thumpers worked through the heat yesterday and today to bring the rabbits and kits to safety, where they are undergoing initial medical checks, some needing instant care for heat stress. It is also likely that some of the rabbits are pregnant, so we’re expecting more mouths to feed shortly.

The cost of caring for rabbits will exceed $30,000 over the next three months we expect to have most of these animals. The costs quickly add-up:

  • General care costs like food, water, shelter
  • Vet checks for every rabbit and kit, to check for underlying medical issues or conditions like ringworm
  • Every rabbit and kit will need to be de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

It will also take time to treat every rabbit and prepare them before they are available for adoption. The longer this takes, the more it costs.

We need your help now to help care for these rabbits so that they have the best chance to find a permanent loving home.

Please give what you can to help the rabbits.


Inspector Flo responded to a report to the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline from a concerned member of the community. They had gone to the northern suburbs property to purchase a pet rabbit, and were concerned for the welfare of the rabbits once they saw where they were being bred. They reported what they saw to the RSPCA immediately.

Owning un-sterilised pet rabbits had just got out of control and too much for the owners to manage. They were relieved to see Inspector Flo, and assisted her in removing the rabbits, knowing they would now be better taken care of.

This should be a reminder to rabbit owners – please make sure to sterilise your pets! This couple started out with 4 rabbits just 2 years ago!! A lot of people see rabbits as easy care, set and forget pets. This is not the case. They need care and attention and definitely don’t trust assurances you are buying 2 males or 2 females because young rabbits are notoriously hard to sex and mistakes are common.