Poppy needed life-changing surgery: You made it possible.

Golden retriever dog with red collarMeet Poppy, a beautiful puppy who was only seven months old when she came into our care. Despite her happy and friendly personality, Poppy needed help.

Poppy's owners couldn’t afford the medical treatment she desperately needed. She was diagnosed with an ectopic ureter – a condition that was badly impacting her quality of life.

Thanks to generous people like you, Poppy would get the treatment she needed.


Poor Poppy’s left kidney wasn’t working the way it should. Instead of urine carrying from the kidney to the bladder, it would empty straight out. This meant Poppy suffered every day from chronic incontinence. It was so sad to see such a happy puppy like this.

Over time, her chronic condition damaged Poppy’s left kidney until it couldn’t function any more. Her body was failing, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Infection had already set in, and she needed help.

Left untreated, the infection would cause pain and could result in the loss of further bodily functions.

Poppy also displayed evidence of moderate hip dysplasia, an abnormal formation of the hip socket. Poppy had come from an unknown breeder in the Eastern States, and conditions like hers could have been caused by irresponsible breeding.

Poppy was in constant discomfort from chronic infections.

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RSPCA Vet Rachel remembers Poppy when they first met:

"Even with her chronic condition, Poppy was such a happy girl. She was very boisterous at first which made it hard to examine her, but she eventually calmed down and began to trust us over time."


Poppy required complicated surgery to remove her left kidney. This was the only way to ease her pain and suffering. The operation required two skilled vets, two vet nurses, and took almost two hours to complete. Your support made this possible for Poppy.

The surgery didn’t come without its risks. The vet team needed to work carefully not to damage any other vital organs during the surgery. One mistake could have led to Poppy fatally bleeding out during the operation. Poppy’s blood pressure was difficult to manage, and needed to be monitored continuously due to the removal of her kidney.

Poppy’s surgery was a success, but she still had a long way to go, and remained on heavy pain relief for some time.

We will never let an animal suffer, no matter the cost.

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When animals need to recover after medical treatment, they rely on foster carers to provide a safe, quiet space. After surgery, Poppy was placed into foster care with Es, one of the RSPCA Animal Attendants.

Along with day-to-day care, Poppy also had to be toilet trained. Due to incontinence from her kidney condition, she had never learned what it felt like to have a full bladder. As an experienced animal carer, Es was up to the task and started to train Poppy like a puppy.

"I used lots of bedding to manage her medical condition as she was constantly leaking. I would place layers of bedding down in areas of the house where she could lie down. Her back legs would also get damp when laying down on the floor, so I would wipe her down regularly. At first she would shy away and hide curled up in her bed, but over time she trusted me to help her."

Poppy spent seven weeks in foster care where she was able to heal from her surgery. She loved going for walks, and exploring new things she had never seen before. She also had a habit of collecting her toys and hiding them in her bed overnight!

Foster carers are equipped with everything they need to help animals recover and learn to trust again. They also rely heavily on the team of trainers, vets and behavioural specialists for ongoing advice and emergency support.

Thanks to your generous support, they can get the help they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


After receiving the love and care she needed in foster, Poppy found her forever home with Catherine and her family.

"Poppy is a beautiful soul and a very welcome new member of our family. It is a joy to walk in to the house and have her always happy and eager to say hello. It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been, she will always lift your spirits.

"Poppy’s condition was never going to stop us from adopting her!"

Catherine and her husband are both in the medical profession, and they have a good understanding of how to manage Poppy’s ongoing medical issues.

They were a perfect match for each other!

Today, Poppy is living a wonderful life with her new family. Her favourite activity is going for long walks out in the bush where there is a creek to play in and so many new, exciting smells!

golden retriever in muddy creek smiling woman with golden retriever


Last year, your amazing support helped provide over 6,280 medical procedures and checks for animals at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga.

Generous supporters like you are the reason Poppy is thriving today. We see so many dogs and puppies who suffer from conditions like hers that could be a result of irresponsible breeding.

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