Banjo was rescued from an uncertain fate

Thank you for caring enough to change lives….one Banjo at a time.

With his glossy coat and love of riding with his new family, you wouldn’t know what a terrible situation Banjo came from.

Banjo was tethered to a tree with no access to food or waterWhen I came to his paddock he was tethered closely to a tree, with another horse dead nearby and a foal that was very underweight and unable to stand. The paddock was a sandy, barren wasteland with no grass for the horses to eat. 

You would imagine that these poor animals were in a paddock far from humans to get to that state. That was not the case. These lovely horses were only 50 metres away from the house of their owner. They were so close they have could see them from their front door.

My name is Kylie and I am a Senior Inspector with RSPCA WA. Every day I see animals facing situations of cruelty and neglect. Like all pets, horses rely on their owners for food, water, love and care. It’s tough to see, but neglected animals like Banjo rely on us to help them. 

There was no reason for these horses to suffer.

Banjo was left in a barren paddock with no grass to eatWhen I arrived and saw the state of the horses I knew something was wrong. The mare, Ellie, was dead and her legs were entangled in a fence. The attending vet believed she had been lying down for some time before she died. The little foal couldn’t stand, her bones were protruding and I could see her spine and ribs.

Banjo was tied up to a tree and I could also see his ribs and spine.

All three horses were in a shocking state. I had to do something to help them. 

I knew that it was urgent that the vet see Banjo and Lucy. After the vet examined both horses, he confirmed that Lucy was too sick and couldn't be saved. The sad but humane decision was made to end her suffering.

Lucy's condition was so poor that she sadly could not be saved.As you may know, RSPCA operates a 24-hour welfare line where we can help owners. We can provide food and offer advice. In some circumstances, we can take the animals for those who have no other option.

It took me a couple of hours to organise the removal of the deceased horses, as well as the transportation for Banjo. During that time, Banjo remained perfectly still where he was standing. Who knows what was going through his mind while he watched on as Ellie and Lucy were removed from the property.

If help hadn’t arrived, would Banjo have suffered the same fate?

We simply cannot rescue animals like Banjo without the support of people like you!

Banjo's condition was caused by a lack of nutrition

Banjo was taken to a vet so he could be thoroughly examined. The vet confirmed that Banjo’s condition was solely caused by a lack of nutrition. Banjo didn’t even need anything special: He put on weight being fed an ordinary diet. He then joined us at the RSPCA Shelter at Malaga. 

Your support helps us pay for vet care for animals that we need to save like Banjo.

While I know that this is a terrible story to read, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for poor Banjo. 

He was placed with a wonderful foster carer, who said to me:

Banjo was such a lovely horse. From the moment he arrived, he was a very easy horse to handle.

Over the first year, he relaxed into the herd and regained his full health. It was then as he started to fatten up, that I started to see signs of his cheeky personality! He became best friends with my mare Amelia. The two of them, I called them the ‘brat pack’ of the herd. They would often lead the pack in big runs around the paddock, bucking and galloping around. 

His foster carer decided to adopt Banjo, because of his fun and cheeky personality. She thinks he is such a kind and loving boy. To think where he could have ended up!

Banjo quickly regained weight when he was given an ordinary dietBanjo’s previous owner was successfully prosecuted and they were sentenced to an intensive supervision order for twelve months and 100 hours of community service. The owner was also prohibited from being in charge of a horse for three years.

Today, Banjo is living a great life. He's fit and healthy, and spends wonderful quality time with his new owner who loves him! 

Your gifts help provide nutritious food, shelter, and vital medical treatment and medicine to horses. And dogs, cats, birds and all the other wonderful animals that come into our care at RSPCA WA. We receive less than 10% of the funds needed to carry out our animal protection work from the government. It is people like you that fund the rest.

With your financial support, RSPCA can continue to reach out to animals like Banjo and many others. Their only hope is caring people like you.

Banjo loves to ride with his new owner.     Banjo is happy and healthy now, thanks to people like you.

Sadly, cases like Banjo's remind us that animal neglect and ill-treatment is still prevalent in our society. RSPCA WA is vita to voiceless animals across the state. Thank you, on behalf of all the animals who depend on us, for your support.