Chance was hungry and in pain, but you helped him

You can help more animals, and give them a second Chance at a happy life.

sad dog ChanceChance was living without hope. He was skinny and neglected. And he was in pain. 

A heavy chain around his neck was embedded in his skin. 

Sadly, animals like Chance are seen too often by the vets at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre. Seeing animals treated like this never gets easier.

Chance was very skinny when he arrived. At just 10.4kg, he was extremely underweight.

The chain embedded in his neck weighed half as much as he did.

Can you imagine the pain this poor little guy was living with?

wounded neck of dogChance was taken to an emergency vet. They had to use bolt cutters to remove the thick, dirty chain from around his neck. It had been there so long, Chance’s skin had started to grow over the chain. And an infection had started to set in. He also needed antibiotics.

Today, you can help rescue animals like Chance. Please donate now before June 30 to save innocent animals from cruelty and neglect. You can help to care and rehome more animals who are suffering right now.

I see hundreds of animals every year at RSPCA WA, but this case really stuck with me. Chance was such a lovely dog. He must have been in so much pain. But he was very gentle with me and the team of vets and nurses. He never growled, barked or tried to bite anyone treating him. Even after he had been abused and neglected, he could still trust us.

- Dawne, RSPCA WA Veterinary Surgeon

Last year, the vet team at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga performed over 7000 surgeries and procedures on animals in need. But we couldn’t do it without the support of generous people like you.

We would never let an innocent animal like Chance suffer. But we need your help to provide the care that every animal needs.

Just like you, we want every animal to have a second “Chance”.

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Chance spent three months at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre regaining his health. Then he was placed with an experienced foster carer where his recovery continued in comfort. He came back regularly for check-ups and it was always good to see how well he was doing. And to see how happy he was.

We need to raise $345,000 before June 30 to continue our vital animal protection work in WA so that more animals like Chance can be saved. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to be prepared for more animals needing critical attention.

We will always be there to help animals in most need – those who need urgent rescue. Those who need medical treatment. No animal must ever be turned away. Not even one.

Each case is unique and impossible to predict.

Please donate before June 30 to help more animals like Chance. We urgently need your help to keep the Shelter running.

A gift of any size will help animals in need. 

  • $43 could help pay for antibiotics that a pup like Chance needs to recover.
  • $75 can help to provide a safe place, nutritious food, water and enrichment for animals to recover after surgery.
  • $137 can help to pay for medicines and treatment needed to help save an animal’s life.

Without your help, so many animals may be left without a lifeline. They could be suffering at the hands of cruel people who fail to provide proper care for them.

The end of the financial year is fast approaching. Please make your tax deductible donation before June 30. This will help keep RSPCA Inspectors on the road to respond to emergencies. It can help to provide medical treatment to animals who are suffering. And it helps to provide care and love for animals recovering from cruelty and neglect, so they can get their second Chance at a happy life.

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