The Warburton 11

Right now, our Animal Care Centre in Malaga is full with animals that urgently need our care, and so we’re asking for your immediate help.

The reality is that there are more dogs, cats and other animals arriving at our Malaga shelter every day. We are stretched to the limit, which is why I’m asking for your help during this exceptionally busy period.

As you may already know, Kalgoorlie based Inspector Fiona recently commenced working full time for the RSPCA thanks to your support… and what a difference she’s making already!

Fiona recently made her first visit to Warburton, an 1,800km round-trip from her base in Kalgoorlie after receiving reports of dogs suffering serious malnourishment and neglect.

Unfortunately the remote location means the closest vet is hundreds of kilometres away and despite the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku having an established dog health program, there were still many dogs infested with ticks and several litters of pups with swollen bellies due to worms.

Poor nutrition also meant that many of pups were very thin, endangering their ability to grow and develop into mature adults. 

But thanks to your support, Fiona was able to rescue 11 puppies and bring them back to Malaga for treatment and care.

Of course, Fiona desperately wanted to rescue more animals who needed her, but she simply didn’t have room in her RSPCA vehicle.

What you will be glad to hear, is the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku have already invited Fiona back during the next three monthly veterinary visit to ensure every animal gets the care they deserve … and if needed, she’ll transport any needing ongoing medical care or rehoming back to Malaga.

Today though, we’re asking for your help to make sure we can care for these 11 puppies and many more like them at our Animal Care Centre in Malaga this summer.

Because the truth is, rescuing suffering animals is just the first step.

It’s what happens after an animal has been rescued that makes the biggest difference to their long-term physical and emotional wellbeing.

The 11 pups Fiona rescued (later dubbed the ‘Warburton 11’) were transported eight hours away to the safety of Laverton Police Station, where Fiona gave the little ones their first ever bath … and also treated them for fleas and ticks.

Having never been bathed in their young lives, the pups protested loudly with a chorus of yips and yaps. Once the puppies were clean and dry, Fiona scattered some food on the floor for the hungry but timid little canines to devour – which was most likely their first healthy meal.

After suffering through weeks of neglect and malnourishment, these cute and cuddly pups soon relaxed, feeling clean and well-fed for the first time.

They even cuddled up to each other for warmth and comfort at night … despite being from different litters.

The next day they were loaded back in Fiona’s RSPCA vehicle for the four-hour journey to Kalgoorlie where Fiona would care for them until space opened up at our Animal Care Centre in Malaga.

It’s so wonderful to see how your support has already brought such joy and happiness to the Warburton 11.

But with our shelter full to overflowing with dogs, cats and other neglected or abused pets, we urgently need your help to rehabilitate more suffering animals like them.

Every dollar you give today means we can rescue more animals, and provide the care they desperately need to be fully rehabilitated.

Our resources are fully stretched to the limit. Our shelter is full. More animals need our help every day, but many have to remain in short-term care before we can bring them to our Animal Care Centre in Malaga.

That’s why your urgent support is so important to ensure more precious animals get the care, rehabilitation and new life they deserve, after what for many of them has been a lifetime of neglect and suffering.

While every animal we care for has different needs, your partnership will help provide the very best treatment each animal requires including…

Veterinary care … specialist treatment for eyes, ears and nose … dental care … medication for fleas, ticks and worms … nutritious meals and special recovery diets … behaviour training … companionship through animal attendants … clean and comfortable bedding … cleaning supplies … enrichment toys …and so much more.

As a compassionate animal lover, we know you want every animal that we treat to receive the very best care possible.

When Inspector Fiona rescued these tiny pups, they were malnourished, infected with fleas, and facing an uphill battle to simply survive until their first birthdays.

But thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted supporters like you, they have now received a second chance at the full and fun life they always deserved.

Thank you for everything you’ve already done to transform these young animal’s lives and for bringing healing and hope to the future of these cute canines.

We’re so grateful for your partnership to care for the Warburton 11, and all the other animals that urgently need our care and compassion so they can be fully rehabilitated, ready to enjoy life again in a safe and secure new home.