Ash's Story


Ash is lucky to be alive. 

But, we know it was more than luck ... it’s thanks to you.

When we rescued little 8-month-old puppy Ash, you could see he was in utter pain. 

Suffering with a massive lump covering half of his back and a severe limp in his hind leg, the poor little guy was struggling to move, and looked totally miserable. The lump was the size of a brick, and looked to be a very angry abscess and his hind leg was either fractured or completely broken. 

Without urgent treatment, Ash’s wounds would be fatal. 

An abscess like Ash’s had the potential to become flyblown and further infected. Left untreated, it can become sceptic, leading to multiple organ failure and eventually a painful death. 

And a fracture or break to an animal in remote regions may never be repaired, or will heal incorrectly, meaning Ash faced a lifetime of immense chronic pain, and becoming lame, if the abscess didn’t take him before then. 

It’s no wonder Ash looked sad and sore. 

To make sure we do everything we can for rescued animals like Ash, we rely on wonderful and caring people like you … not luck. 

How Ash suffered his wounds we still don’t know, our vets think he may have been hit by a car, then attacked by another dog when he was helpless and alone. 

When our inspector first saw Ash, it was obvious he was in great pain. Realising that time was of the essence to ensure Ash’s survival, the inspector acted quickly to help the young pup access quality veterinary care as soon as possible. After being carefully loaded into the RSPCA van, Ash was transported to Kalgoorlie – a two-day drive across dirt roads in the dusty outback.

Upon arrival, the inspector delivered Ash to the Kalgoorlie vet, who set about lancing and cleaning the oozing and raw abscess and examined his suspected fracture. Despite the clear pain Ash was already in from his injuries and his 12-hour journey, he was very calm and trusting during his examination – and proved to be a very brave boy. 

It was the beginning of a long road to recovery for Ash – a recovery that only happened because of your donations.

Throughout his recovery, Ash required… 

  • Orthopedic surgery with an external specialist vet for his fractured leg 
  • Checkups and x-rays to ensure he was healing 
  • Eight weeks rest and rehabilitation 
  • Food, medications, bedding, toys and everything he needs to recover 


It’s a significant investment … but it’s always worth it! 

The truth is that without the kind and compassionate support of friends like you, RSPCA would not have been able to save him and Ash would most likely have died a painful death from the abscess or lived a life with chronic pain with a lame hind leg.

Today, Ash is a different dog to the one our inspector found limping, bleeding, and very sick in a remote township in WA. But there’s so many other suffering animals that need our help right now …. and many more are being rescued and arriving at our shelter each week. 

That’s what you can do through your donation today for rescued animals like Ash. 

  • Help provide treatments for fleas, ticks and worms and bring rapid relief to animals experiencing significant pain. 
  • Help pay for important veterinary expenses such as antibiotics, radiographs and consultation fees with specialist’s vets if required. 
  • Help animals like Ash undergo complex surgery with specialist vets to mend broken bones, save limbs and treat infected or damaged eyes and ears. 


And, of course this all comes with added belly scratches, pats and hugs from our wonderful RSPCA staff and volunteers. 

So please don’t delay. Send your gift today – and thank you for your compassionate and generous response to ensure more animals like Ash are given a second chance at life.