workplace giving

Workplace giving enables you to donate to RSPCA WA directly through your payroll. Even a small contribution can make a significant difference to animals in need.

Five benefits for you and your organisation:

It’s pre-tax so your donation goes further

Workplace Giving donations are made from your pre-tax pay, meaning your taxable income is then reduced.

It’s a team effort between you and your employer

By facilitating Workplace Giving, your employer is clearly community minded and committed to supporting the work of RSPCA WA. Some employers even choose to match their employee’s donations so that your combined efforts can make an even bigger impact.

It couldn’t be simpler!  

All modern payroll systems can accommodate workplace giving, and all you have to do is let your employer know you want to donate regularly to RSPCA WA.

It helps animals in need

By donating via Workplace Giving, you are providing regular and reliable income for RSPCA WA. This dependable form of income makes a real and lasting impact on the work that RSPCA WA does and helps to ensure we can continue to provide vital animal welfare services for all creatures great and small.

Connect with RSPCA WA

We love talking to our Workplace Giving Partners and encourage employees to explore opportunities for further involvement, such as events, fundraising and volunteering activities.

To register for workplace giving, simply email  for more information.