Foster Carers required for...

We urgenly require foster carers for these animals. Please read about each animal's needs, and if you can meet these criteria, please complete an application form here.

RSPCA WA covers the cost of food, some bedding and enrichment toys, and any medications and medical treatment costs required for the animal's rehabilitation. You will need your own transport (to come and collect the animal, and bring them back for regular health checks) and insurance. There are some FAQs here for your information.


Terry is a large sized mixed breed who is recovering from long term malnutrition. Terry's requirements:

  • He will be the only pet at home (no other dogs, no cats and no pocket pets).
  • He needs a home with no children
  • You'll be around to feed him 3-4 times a day.
  • You'll be able to manage and monitor his resource guarding.
  • You'll be able to provide a home for around 6 weeks.


If you can provide a suitable home for Terry, click here to complete your application form.

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We need a foster home for Mia, a 4-year old Bichon Frise. MIa is on a special diet to help dissolve her kidney stones and keep her urine at the right pH, to prevent any future UTIs.

Mia's foster carers will have no children (no exceptions) and Mia will be the only dog, as she's really not a fan of other dogs. You'll get some training from the Behaviour team here to assist with tips for what to do when out walking Mia, and managing her interactions with new people.

Mia's foster carers can work full-time as she has no issues being left alone - you'll just need to provide toys and enrichment to keep her occupied.

Mia needs a carer for approximately 6 weeks, and you'll need to be able to bring her back for fortnightly vet checks.

If you think you'd be able to care for Mia, click here to complete your application form.

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