Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, many West Australians choose to share a friend or family member’s love of animals by marking a special occasion with a gift to RSPCA WA. 

In just minutes you can build your own personalised gift registry and approach your friends and family for a donation by emailing around the unique link of your webpage. Each donation is recorded on your page along with any message of good wishes and support from your donors.

Birthday celebration

These days more and more people decide they'll ask their friends and family for a donation towards their favourite charity in lieu of gifts. So now you can celebrate your birthday and help animals in need at the same time.

Click here to set up your own fundraising page.  

Wedding celebration

As an animal lover you can support RSPCA WA by choosing to receive donations in lieu of wedding gifts. What a great way to help 'All Creatures Great and Small' on your special day!

Click here to set up your own fundraising page. 

In memory

A meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one, perhaps a committed animal lover or a family pet, is to make a memorial gift to RSPCA WA. Click here to find out more. 


How to celebrate with the RSPCA WA?

To help make your day all the more special we can provide you with a celebration kit.  

This can contain:

  • Donation envelopes or payment slips

  • Balloons

  • Collection tins

  • Posters

  • Pupcake recipes (for your four legged friend)

  • Banner images for online fundraising pages

If you need help in setting up an online gift registry or would like something from our celebration kit, please call 9209 9300.

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