Become an RSPCA Junior Rescue Officer

Young animal lovers now have the chance to make a real difference to the lives of animals in need by becoming an RSPCA WA Junior Rescue Officer!

The program aims to encourage and engage young children in animal welfare. Junior Rescue Officers will learn how best to care for their own animals as well as practical ways to support RSPCA WA’s team of Inspectors and Carers.

It's never too early to start teaching children how to look after animals, and respect them as living creatures. Being a Junior Rescue Officer reinforces good welfare messages through fun, practical activities that children can do to help animals in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, or animals currently in shelter environments waiting for their new families.

Sign up to become an RSPCA Junior Rescue Officer for just $25 and you will receive:

  • An Official Junior Rescue Officer ID card
  • A Paw Points handbook to complete activities throughout the year
  • Certificate upon completion of activites
  • An RSPCA Animania magazine
  • A Junior Rescue Officer bear
  • Three communications with our RSPCA Inspectors a year
  • A birthday card




Complete your Paw Point Activities

Already a Junior Rescue Officer? Remember to complete your Paw Point activities within the year to receive your completion certificate! Once you’re done bring your booklet into an RSPCA location to get it all signed off! 

Remember – these are just suggestions. We can’t wait to see how you complete your Paw Points!

Put out water for animals on a hot day Make an enrichment toy for a shelter animals Tell a friend about what RSPCA WA does

Leaving some water out for animals on a hot day can be simple yet lifesaving. You can read more about how you can help animals during hot weather here.

Enrichment activities for shelter animals are so important for them! It helps them learn and have fun at the same time.  

You can find some examples of toys you can make here.

This could be as simple as doing a show and tell to your class or telling your neighbours. For something extra challenging ask your school to do a presentation at your school assembly!

Write or draw a thank you letter to RSPCA Volunteers

Hold a fundraiser for animals in need

Donate clothes or toys to an RSPCA Op Shop

RSPCA relies on hundreds of volunteers every year. Whether they walk dogs, or work in our op shops they are all so important. 

Email your letter or drawing to

Post your letter or drawing to:

Junior Rescue Officer Team
PO BOX 3147
Malaga WA 6944

You can find out more about fundraising for RSPCA here

Here are some fun ideas to get your started:

- Casual day at school
- Hold a lemonade stand
- Bake some cupcakes
- Ask your friends and family to make a donation to RSPCA instead of a birthday present

Did you know RSPCA has 3 Op Shops around Perth and all money goes towards animals who need our help? 

Find out more about our op shops and where to donate your clothes or toys here.

Draw a picture for a Shelter Animal

Show responsibility for an animal

Donate a blanket or can of food

RSPCA WA cares for over 2,000 animals every year. 

You can brighten their day with a drawing that we will display at the shelter.

Email your drawing to

Post your drawing to:

Junior Rescue Officer Team
PO BOX 3147
Malaga WA 6944


There are so many ways you can be responsible for an animal. if you have a pet you can: 

- Make sure they are part of your family
- Take your dog for a walk
- Clean up after them

If you don’t have a pet you can: 

- Ask a person's permission before approaching an animal
- Be compassionate about all species of animals

Thank you! You are helping an animal in need. 

You can drop your donations to our Head Office or one of our shelters. Find the locations here


Send us a story about how you have helped an animal


Our Inspectors love hearing how you are helping animals in need. 

Email your story to:

Post your story to: 

Junior Rescue Officer Team
PO BOX 3147
Malaga WA 6944


Not yet a Junior Rescue Officer? 

Joining the club is easy! Download your form below and get your parents or guardians to sign. 

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