RSPCA WA has teamed up with Bendigo Bank to offer the Bendigo RSPCA Rescue Mastercard– an innovative credit card rewards program which fundraises for RSPCA’s Adoptapet program.  Since this relationship began in 2005, Bendigo Bank has supported the adoption of over 488,000 animals.

When you sign up for a Bendigo Bank RSPCA Rescue Mastercard you can choose between two great credit cards, the RSPCA Rescue Mastercard or RSPCA Rescue Donation Mastercard.

Both cards have low annual fees, low interest rates and a portion of the revenue from every purchase you make will help support the Adoptapet program. Click here to find out more.

The important difference between the two Mastercards is that the RSPCA Rescue Donation Mastercard has the option for you to make a monthly donation direct to RSPCA (minimum $5).

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