Visit the Swan Valley – Australia’s First Humane Food Region

In 2014, the RSPCA named the Swan Valley as Australia’s first Humane Food Region.  The partnership between RSPCA Western Australia, City of Swan and Swan Valley chefs, restaurants and cafes is the first of its kind and confirms the regions strong commitment to supporting the welfare of animals and producing high quality, healthier food.

The Swan Valley Humane Food Region program which is based on the RSPCA’s national Choose Wisely scheme is supported by 30 of the Swan Valley’s restaurants and cafes, which are committed to serving humanely farmed eggs, chicken and pork.   The program is led by six local chefs and driven by consumer demand. 

Caroline Taylor, one of the passionate program ambassador chefs had this to say about the initiative. 

“Supporting local farmers and traditional food production and preparing practices is the real goal for me,” Caroline says. “Getting away from intensive feed lot farming and other highly intensive/ mono farming practices; it starts with us and the way we shop and eat.”

Julie, co-owner of the Swan Valley Vegetarian Café believes that, “The Humane Food movement has encouraged businesses in the Swan Valley to become involved in and passionate about serving Humane food to their customers. Being aware of what we’re eating and where it has come from is so important for our minds and bodies- and supporting businesses that are sourcing their produce ethically is a great way to get more people on board!”      

To find out which Swan Valley restaurants and cafes are serving humanely produced food visit or click here if you're interested in joining the Humane Food Region.

Meet the six local ambassadors, who are all notable, passionate chefs in the region and are leading the way. 

Download these handy recipe cards.