Welcome Jeremy Webb

photo of Jeremy WebbCongratulations to Jeremy Webb, our latest Junior Ambassador who has proven he is a very special, animal loving person.

A Junior Ambassador is someone who goes above and beyond to help the animals around them live a better life. They are able to talk to their peers about animal welfare and everyday issues, which affect their pets and other animals. 

These ambassadors are very special, as they help spread the RSPCA WA message about responsible pet ownership. 

Our newest Junior Ambassador is someone, who at the age of 6, became a vegetarian because he was so moved by the suffering of livestock being transported for meat. That is pure dedication! 

His aim is to become a marine biologist, and we have no doubt he’ll achieve this. He would also like to set up an animal shelter to protect animals in need and often gives speeches to his peers about ethics in animal welfare.

If there were more people like Jeremy, the animals in this world would be a lot happier and safer. 

The appointment of Jeremy by our Community Education Inspector was announced at his school assembly in September, 2017, where he was presented with a certificate and a Junior Ambassador gift pack.

Well done Jeremy, we’re very proud to have you as part of the team.