Junior Ambassador Scheme

RSPCA WA’s Junior Ambassador Scheme is a unique way of engaging children in animal welfare.

Our first Junior Ambassadors were recently appointed to lead the way in animal welfare and to promote every animal’s essential Five Freedoms.

The Ambassadors – Leah, Lytoni and Maddy from Cable Beach Primary School in Broome –have a very keen interest in animals, and are animal welfare leaders amongst their peers. As well as promoting the Five Freedoms and showing other students the best way to deal with animals, they are fundraising for the cause through Million Paws Walk, Happy Tails Day and Cupcake Day.

The appointment of Leah, Lytoni and Maddy by our Community Education Inspector and General Inspectors was announced at their school assembly in 2015. They were presented with certificates and their Junior Ambassador packs that included exclusive Junior Ambassador navy blue t-shirts, an RSPCA cap, water bottle, stickers, tattoos, ruler set, notebook, calculator, Frisbee, pen, and an awareness band.

Our first three RSPCA Junior Ambassadors are: Leah Pigram (L), Lytoni Cheinmora (M), and Maddy Rose (R)

The girls were even interviewed by GWN!

We believe our Junior Ambassadors will help lead the way in promoting responsible pet ownership to both students and adults. Leah, Lytoni and Maddy are certainly up to the task!


RSPCA WA'S First Perth--based Junior Ambassador

Despite his young age, seven-year-old Spencer Parrott is a seasoned animal welfare campaigner – and now he's being recognized as Perth's first ever RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador.

The youngster has proven that big things really do come in small packages – he's been on a crusade against animal cancer during the last six months, after his family received the heart breaking news that their eight month old puppy Molly had terminal cancer.

Click here to read more about Spencer.

Teachers are encouraged to contact our education inspector if they work with a student who goes above and beyond in animal welfare, who may be a suitable candidate to become an RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador. If you would like to nominate someone, please fill in this electronic form and email to education@rspcawa.asn.au

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Welcome to the team Elseya

We’re very pleased to announce that 13 year old Elseya Seewraj is our latest recruit to be appointed an RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador.

Elseya has a natural connection with animals and has helped rescue and care for a variety of injured animals, including dogs, birds, sheep, guinea pigs and even possums.

A Junior Ambassador is someone who is able to talk to their peers about animal welfare, help us spread the message of responsible pet ownership and someone who is willing to go above and beyond to help animals. Elseya has proven herself to be a dedicated animal lover through her recently completed studies that explored animal cruelty, animal testing, dog training and how dogs see. 

She’s also dedicated a lot of her time to volunteering in kennels, with Vets, with dog groomers and in a wildlife park. 

The appointment of Elseya by our Community Education Inspector and one of our Guest Volunteer speakers was announced at her school assembly in November, 2016, where she was presented with a certificate and a Junior Ambassador gift pack.

Congratulations Elseya and welcome to the team!

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Introducing Katie, our latest Junior Ambassador!

We’re pleased to welcome Katie to our Junior Ambassador team!

At just 8 years old, Katie Birss, our newest Junior Ambassador has been fostering vulnerable cats and dogs for over 5 years, looking after a variety of breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes! She’s also supported a Chihuahua rescue group, raising funds for their dogs to have much needed surgery. She’s even adopted her own rescue dog and two foster cats. 

Katie and her family bought a farm especially so they could help look after animals involved in bush fires, which includes alpacas, sheep, and horses to name a few. She’s passionate about rehabilitating native wildlife and animals are frequently abandoned at their farm, so Katie also helps care for them until a forever home can be found. 

One of Katie’s main goals is to educate the community and particularly her peers, on how to stay safe when interacting with dogs, which is an important message that RSPCA WA is keen to spread. You can check out our video here.

We’re so proud to have Katie on board as a Junior Ambassador. If there were more people like Katie, there would be so many more happy animals in this world!

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