Welcome to the Team, Mia


We're so excited to welcome Mia to the Junior Ambassador team.

Eleven-year old Mia has really been punching above her weight, working hard to make a difference for animals in need.

Last year, Mia organised her own market stall where she raised over $200 for animals in need. She was also able to educate people on the need for better regulations around puppy farming, to help stop indiscriminate dog breeding in Western Australia, which causes so many homeless and unwanted puppies and dogs.

Mia even created her own bookmarks to promote the Stop Puppy Farming movement.

We're very thankful to Mia for her active work to help improve the lives of animals in WA, and we're really proud to call her an RSPCA Junior Ambassador.

(Mia is pictured above with Community Outreach Inspector Nat (L), Community Outreach Volunteer Janet (R) and Hamish, the dog).