‘Hero’ Bridie shows the real value of pets

‘Hero’ Bridie shows the real value of pets

The man jumped her owner's fence entering the yard in the early hours of this morning. Bridie cornered him in the back patio area, standing guard at their front gate, keeping him there until Police arrived.

Bridie has been described as ‘an awesome dog with a beautiful nature’ that did not harm the attacker, but rather cornered him until help arrived. 

“This incident shows the true value of pet ownership,” RSPCA spokesman Tim Mayne said.

“Animals provide so much joy and so many benefits in our lives and it is amazing acts like this that really show how much value pets have in our society.

“The RSPCA would like to congratulate Bridie for protecting her family,” Mr Mayne said.

The RSPCA has long advocated the health benefits of owning a pet, such as lower blood pressure, less depression and anxiety, helping young people have a more positive outlook on life and strengthening their immune systems as well as the safety factor, which was highlighted by Bridie’s heroic efforts last night.

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