Woman fined $8000 for 'preventable' cruelty

Woman fined $8000 for 'preventable' cruelty

A Shire of Kalamunda council ranger found Dawg, a four-year-old male Staffordshire bull terrier, with a choker chain embedded in its neck. He also observed that the skin surrounding that part of the chocker chain around the animal’s neck was red and inflamed and was emitting an abnormal smell.

The dog was immediately taken to the nearest vet and the ranger contacted the RSPCA. An RSPCA Inspector attended the veterinary hospital and noted that approximately 4cms of the choker chain was embedded in the animal’s neck and that skin had grown over that part of the choker chain embedded in the animal’s neck.

The RSPCA Inspector subsequently charged Ms Easther with animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

In his sentencing remarks, Magistrate Benn said that “this offence involves suffering which could have been very easily prevented.”

The RSPCA does not recommend the use of choker chains for any reason, particularly for tethering animals, as this is the end result.

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