RSPCA inspects cattle on live export ship

RSPCA inspects cattle on live export ship

RSPCA's Chief Inspector conducted an extensive inspection of the cattle housed across all seven levels of the vessel.

Last week, the RSPCA received reports the live export ship, the Pearl of Para, had broken down due to mechanical failure three days into its voyage to Israel. The vessel subsequently returned to the Fremantle region where repairs were made. It is understood the cattle have been on board since before the 3rd of September.

"RSPCA has received a significant amount of calls and emails over the last week from people who are concerned about the welfare of the cattle on board the ship," RSPCA Australia and State President Mrs Lynne Bradshaw said.

"After days of planning and discussions with the exporter, we are pleased that the RSPCA was allowed to board the ship to assess the condition of the animals.

"The RSPCA's Inspectorate staff are highly trained and experienced at assessing the welfare of animals, so we felt it was appropriate that the RSPCA should be able to board the ship and give an independent assessment of the situation and we were pleased that this has happened," Mrs Bradshaw said.

The RSPCA has also been in communication with the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the State Minister for Agriculture's Office in relation to the invitation. Both were supportive of the RSPCA making an independent assessment of the situation.

The ship will leave Western Australia today for Israel and the RSPCA will continue to liaise with authorities about the welfare of the animals on board.

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