One-eyed Cookie is another Happy Tail

One-eyed Cookie is another Happy Tail

RSPCA Inspectors received a call on a Sunday in late July this year that there was a small dog with its eye protruding after being in a dog fight.

Upon arriving at a southern Perth property, RSPCA Inspectors discovered Cookie, a seven-year-old Papillon dog, in pain with a horrible eye injury.

Cookie was immediately taken to a veterinary specialist where she underwent an immediate examination and received pain relief. Cookie was sent to a veterinary specialist the next day where it was determined the injury to her eye was so bad she had to have it removed.

Cookie made a remarkable recovery and went up for adoption within a matter of weeks after she had fully healed. Cookie found a lovely new owner after being with the RSPCA for less than two months and is now part loving family.

That is why RSPCA is holding Happy Tails Day throughout October - find out more about Happy Tails Day and how you can help us to help thousands of animals like little Cookie, or email us to request a kit of fundraising Happy Tails Day merchandise.



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