RSPCA Crisis Appeal

RSPCA Crisis Appeal

In the past week, we've carried out two more operations, resulting in another 121 animals being rescued from neglect.

This is on top of our normal Inspectorate operations, where we receive around 70 cruelty complaints a day.

What do we need?

We urgently require funding to provide:

  • emergency vet care
  • temporary and permanent accommodation for the animals
  • accommodation for staff and volunteers who have given up their space to make way for this large influx of animals.

Many animals involved in seizures become part of a prosecution case.
We have to look after these animals until the case is resolved—this can often last for 12 months or more—which means our shelter will be under pressure for a long time.
We will also be calling for more people to become Foster Carers once the animals have been assessed by our vets and we have identified those able to fostered into a loving home.

Why an appeal?

Because we can't turn our backs on these animals.
The animals need to be somewhere safe, where they will receive all the care and treatment that they need and deserve.
We always need to be able to respond to animal welfare calls from the public.
If we don't have your support to help us expand, we may not be able to respond to these calls for help because we're already beyond capacity.

How can I help?

  • The most urgent need is financial support.
  • We need to build temporary and permanent facilities to immediately respond at this critical time to cope with the increased number of animals needing care.

Donate online or call 1300 777 221.

How will my donation help the animals?

  • Animals rescued by our Inspectors from these terrible situations often require extensive vet treatment.
  • We also desperately need to expand our shelter accommodation to ensure they have the most comfortable home possible while in our care.

Your donations will help make this possible.

What will stop us getting to this point again?

Sadly, we can't promise that we won't have this situation again.
As long as people are not doing the right things by animals, we'll still need to respond.
RSPCA takes education very seriously, and through the work of our Inspectorate and Education teams, along with awareness campaigns,  more people are learning to understand the important responsibilities associated with owning an animal.

You can help us by:

  • promoting and talking about responsible pet ownership
  • encouraging those you know to sterilise their pets
  • never giving pets as a gift
  • reporting acts of cruelty to the Cruelty Hotline on 1300

How can be be informed and involved?

Will I be able to adopt one of the animals?

Unfortunately, where seized animals are part of a prosecution, they can't be adopted until the case is completed, which can take months of even years.

Meet all the animals available for adoption at RSPCA WA.




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How do I become a volunteer?

Only with the helping hand of volunteers can RSPCA achieve so much for animal welfare in Western Australia.

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