Burnt dog finds new home with RSPCA staff

Burnt dog finds new home with RSPCA staff

When he arrived at the suburban Perth property, the RSPCA inspector was shocked at the extent of the dog's injuries. Missy had severe burns to nearly half of her body after being in a house fire.

"I had to handle her very gently because she flinched at the slightest touch. I was extremely concerned about her condition and made sure she received immediate treatment. I see some distressing and sad things, but this was one of the worst cases I have seen in more than two years in the job," RSPCA Inspector Ian said.

Missy underwent surgery in June this year to clean her wounds but the severity of her injuries meant she was at major risk of developing septicaemia and other life-threatening complications during her recovery. Over the next three weeks, Missy had five more surgical procedures, including amputating part of her ear which was very badly damaged and bandaging most of her body.

Missy was checked daily by RSPCA veterinary staff, which included changing her bandages, cleaning her wounds and administering pain relief. RSPCA staff were amazed at how quickly Missy recovered and by August her bandages finally came off.

It was decided that Missy was well enough to by spayed and put up for adoption and it was particularly wonderful that she was adopted by RSPCA Animal Attendant Ellen Smith where she is being spoilt and has a new best friend with Ellen's other "sausage dog" Luna.

RSPCA is launching our Guardian Angel Christmas appeal to help dogs like Missy.

Find out how to become a Guardian Angel (or call 1300 777 221).

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