Cruelty risks future of live export trade

Cruelty risks future of live export trade

With recent live export rallies being held in weekend, RSPCA is urging those involved in the live export industry, government and welfare advocates to find an alternative to the live export trade.

RSPCA believes the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) system hasn't gone far enough in protecting the welfare of exported Australian animals. Recent incidents continue to show clear evidence that the system is still being breached by rogue operators who have not been held to account for selling Australian animals outside the supply chain.

The chilled and frozen meat export trade for Australia is seven times larger than the live animal export trade. The RSPCA believes that the government, the industry and farmers should be doing all they can to grow this market.

RSPCA stands ready to assist in any way it can to help grow the chilled and frozen meat trade. This in turn will also help secure the future of Western Australian farmers and the safety of our animals.

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