Izzy and her family – the truth

Izzy and her family – the truth

Sadly genuine people who have innocently believed this malicious article are being misled.

The story regarding Izzy is false and makes malicious allegations which attacks RSPCA WA and its highly dedicated staff and volunteers.

In short the key points are that;
- Izzy is not dead. She was not euthanased, she was rehomed to a loving family
- One of the pups was also rehomed with a loving family
- Sadly three puppies were euthanased, but this was not on behavioural grounds

The truth is that this is a very sad case that took place two years ago and is currently before the Courts. Due to this, for legal reasons and so as not to jeopardise the prosecution case, we cannot divulge many details of the case until it is finalised.

What can be said is that Izzy and one of her puppies were successfully re-homed in to loving homes. Izzy, now called Isabella is pictured below. You can also view a video taken today with her loving owner. Morris who is now known as Monty is also pictured below.

izzy resized  Monty resized

                              Isabella                                                                                                        Monty

Contrary to what some people have posted on social media, the three puppies that were euthanased were not as a result of any behaviour assessment or due to any behavioural problems as stated in the story. The puppies underwent an extensive clinical examination by a vet with additional post-graduate veterinary qualifications. These examinations identified significant orthopaedic abnormalities and the puppies were in constant pain and discomfort. These conditions were not treatable or curable and the very sad and difficult decision was made to euthanase the puppies.

I personally advised the foster carer that Izzy and Morris had been rehomed in July 2012 and I made numerous attempts to meet with them to listen to and discuss their concerns. It is disappointing that this important detail seems to have been overlooked.

It is unfortunate that many of the animals that come into our care have had compromised lives and many animals suffer complex issues as a result of the neglect and cruelty inflicted.

No staff member or volunteer at RSPCA wants to see any animal euthanased, however no one also wants to see any animal suffer unnecessarily. The decision to euthanase an animal is taken very seriously and is a situation that our dedicated staff and volunteers find the courage to deal with when needed for the sake of the animal.

RSPCA WA desperately needs the ongoing support of the community, so that we have resources to investigate perpetrators of cruelty to animals that have put us in this difficult position in the first place.

Every day we receive on average 60-70 cruelty reports and we care for more than 300 animals on site. Our Inspectors, veterinary team, shelter staff and volunteers work tirelessly 365 days a year. We value our foster care network and also the wonderful members of the community who help us find forever homes for animals that have come into our care.

The RSPCA is open and transparent and we publish our annual statistics including reclaimed animals, numbers of animal adopted, euthanasia numbers and reasons for euthanasia every year.

We welcome and encourage any concerns, issues or comments regarding our activities and are happy to talk to anyone, anytime – either in person, by mail/email or over the phone. We will not however tolerate false and malicious allegations.

Yours sincerely,

David van Ooran
Chief Executive Officer

 isabella resized 4           suzie q resized  

                                   Isabella                                                                         Isabella's adopted sister Suzie Q

monty sofa resized           monty and ruby resized

                              Monty                                                          Monty and his adopted sister Ruby playing with a Christmas toy