Shane Philbin, Gosnells, received a $5000 fine and a five year prohibition of owning any animal.

RSPCA attended a property after a complaint was received of a skinny dog with its bones protruding. On arrival, RSPCA Inspectors seized Sas and she was taken for urgent veterinary treatment.

The treating vet determined that Sas had diabetes which had been left untreated. Sas was extremely emaciated; with severe muscle wastage, mammary tumours, loss of vision in one eye, cataracts, alopecia and other secondary conditions related to the untreated diabetes.

When questioned by an RSPCA Inspector, Mr Philbin claimed that Sas was taken to a vet approximately two months earlier, however investigations revealed this was not the case. Mr Philbin told the Inspector that he was aware that Sas had diabetes however had not sought veterinary treatment.

Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said "diabetes is a manageable condition however this animal did not receive the necessary treatment. Sas suffered because she didn't receive treatment which would have given her the best quality of life when she needed it the most. Sadly, Sas was euthanized because the side effects had left her with irreversible damage.

"Regular veterinary visits are paramount, especially for older animals. Elderly animals require keen observation from their owners. There can be no excuse for passing off conditions as 'old age'. Animals still can have a happy and healthy life in their senior years. Old age is not an excuse for letting your animals suffer.

"As a charity, RSPCA continues to rely on the support of the community to help seek justice for all creatures great and small. We would like to thank SRB Legal for their pro bono assistance with this case" said Ms Swift.


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