Remember your pets this festive season!

Remember your pets this festive season!

As we head into the hotter weather the RSPCA is reminding you not to forget your animal friends!

RSPCA WA Chief Executive David van Ooran said as the temperature soars our animals need some extra care to help them combat the heat.

"It just takes a bit of common sense to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable during summer.

"If it is not something you would do, enjoy or endure then don't expect your pet to either.

"Firstly, make sure they have shade and shelter from the sun, cool water and fresh food daily.

"Also, check over your pet regularly and ensure they, their enclosures and food are clean and healthy and not a breeding ground for unwanted pests like flies and maggots.

"Exercise should be modified to suit the warmer conditions, for example walk your dog at dawn or dusk, not in the heat of the day – this is when the pavement is cooler so the pads on their paws won't burn.

"Don't leave your pet in the car on hot days, as the temperature can raise rapidly and the result can be deadly.

"And don't be fooled, parking your car in shade is not a solution as it makes little difference in the temperature. If you are going out; simply leave your dog at home in the shade with plenty of cool water," Mr van Ooran said.

Don't forget your pet's diet this festive season

"What may be delicious for us may not be suitable for your dog. Feeding your dog on fatty festive treats is not good for them and can upset their stomach. Onions, chocolate and grapes are all foods that may be at a Christmas lunch but are toxic for dogs" Mr van Ooran said.

"It is ok to give your dog treats, but make sure they are dog-friendly treats," he said.

"We also ask you to think carefully before buying a pet this Christmas, a pet is for life, not just Christmas.

"Pets should never be a surprise gift, but rather a well planned for decision made by the new owner. It must be remembered that entering in to pet ownership is like entering into a relationship that could last up to 15 years for dogs or cats," Mr van Ooran said.

An animal needs food, housing, vet care, exercise and time spent with them. Things to think about before you purchase include: How will this animal fit with my lifestyle? Do I have the time for an animal - to exercise, for companionship? Can I afford the ongoing costs? Is there enough space for an animal? Do I buy pet insurance? Owning an animal is a commitment on your time and your wallet.


  • Keep food and water fresh daily and keep it out of the sun
  • Ensure there is a cool area for your animal to retreat to on a hot day
  • Check over your animals every day, take notice of their condition. Keep an eye out for parasites such as fleas
  • Maintain regular vet checks
  • Don't exercise your animal in the heat of day. Modify its exercise during summer
  • Do not leave your pet in a car on a hot day
  • Dog-friendly treats only not festive fare






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