Alby’s new start

Alby’s new start

Alby's departure from the RSPCA was a lot different to how his journey started.

Now part of a loving family, Alby was bought to the attention of the RSPCA when a cruelty complaint was lodged in February 2014.

This investigation was closed when Mr Jiang Han (18) of Cannington was found guilty of animal cruelty in the Perth Magistrates Court today and fined $3000 plus costs.

Mr Han struck Alby, at the time a three month old puppy, with a down pipe drain cover while he had him muzzled and also hit and punched him.

Alby was surrendered to the RSPCA and the treating vet noted that he was traumatised as a result of the incident. Alby has been adopted and is now in his forever home.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said no animal deserves the treatment Alby received and to be a victim at such a young age, is not a very good welcome to the world.

"Young animals require patience and time, you need to get to know them so you can read your pet and react to what it is telling you.

"We would also encourage owners to consider training so you can learn positive techniques to understand your pet," Inspector Swift said.

Over this year the RSPCA has found over 500 animals their forever home.





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