Barragup woman receives 800 hours community service

Barragup woman receives 800 hours community service

A 24 year old woman from Barragup was today sentenced to 800 hours intensive supervision order (community service) and prohibited from owning or caring for an animal for five years on four charges relating to animal cruelty.

Gemma Louise TOVEY, 24, was found guilty on three counts of cruelty to an animal by abandonment and one count of failing to provide proper and sufficient food to an animal. 

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said the sentence sends a strong message that animal cruelty is a serious matter that won’t be taken lightly.

“This is an appalling case, abandoning an animal without ensuring it will be properly treated and cared for is an offence that can result in prosecution,” Chief Inspector Swift said.

In September 2012, RSPCA WA was contacted about three dogs that had been left behind at a rental property in Waroona, which had been leased by Ms Tovey who had moved out.

A male Greyhound aged between three and six years, was found dead lying in a pool of urine. The greyhound was in a poor condition with all ribs and bones protruding and weighed 14.1 kilograms. The average body weight for a female greyhound at this age is usually between 27-34 kilograms. The vet report stated that for this degree of wasting away there would have been a lack of nutrients over a number of weeks.

Tests found the greyhound’s stomach contents included leather, metal, elastic bands and bright pink plastic material.

Chief Inspector Swift said judging by what was in the greyhound’s stomach he was obviously starving and had taken to eating whatever was available.

“The dog would have suffered for a period of time and this pain and suffering was avoidable".

The two other dogs - a female Siberian Husky and a male staffy cross - were very thin and when given food and water fought over the food provided.

“It is very appropriate that Ms Tovey will not be allowed to own or care for an animal for five years,” Chief Inspector Swift said.

RSPCA WA would like to thank Racing and Wagering WA, Greyhound Angels, Drakesbrook Realty Waroona and the Shire of Waroona Rangers for their assistance with this case.

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