Animal welfare disaster looms with Parliamentary Committee recommendations

Animal welfare disaster looms with Parliamentary Committee recommendations

RSPCA WA President Lynne Bradshaw has expressed outrage at the Parliamentary committee findings handed down in Parliament yesterday that recommend that government introduce a two year trial of recreational hunting on public land in WA.

“These findings are clearly way out of touch with the sentiment the vast majority of Western Australians have in relation to hobby hunting. In an independent survey conducted in 2012, the overwhelming majority of West Australians said that recreational hunting is unacceptable” said Ms Bradshaw.

“This simply would be a disaster in terms of animal welfare. Inevitably animals, including wildlife, will end up maimed and injured and suffering terribly. Despite a considerable amount of information provided to the committee by a number of groups, there has been little to no consideration given to this critical issue within the report.

“There is a distinct lack of any evidence that supported the environmental contribution argument pitched by the pro-hunting groups.

“In fact there was consistent evidence presented to the committee to the contrary which demonstrated that recreational hunting will have little to no discernible impact and indeed could hinder coordinated and targeted programs.

“RSPCA WA will continue to vigorously advocate the Government to highlight the many issues that are attached to recreational hunting in public lands.

“If you do not want our public spaces to turn into a playing field for hunters, then we implore you to stand up and speak out by urgently contacting your local Member of Parliament, write to your local newspaper and join talkback discussions. It’s now that the vast majority must speak up and let our government know that this is not acceptable, rather than allow the influence of a vocal minority.”