Morris did not deserve this ending

Morris did not deserve this ending

Charles Visser, 58, from Medina pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and today was sentenced in Rockingham Magistrates Court. He was fined $10,000, ordered to pay costs of $1103.50 and prohibited from owning an animal for 2 years.

RSPCA WA CEO David van Ooran said this was a shocking, deliberate case of animal cruelty that was completely unnecessary.

"I have no doubt that animal lovers and the general public will be disappointed with the sentence as is RSPCA WA.

"We are disappointed that in just two years' time, another animal could be owned by Mr Visser and would have to rely on him for everything," Mr van Ooran said.

Mr Visser admitted to killing Morris, his three year old Yorkshire terrier dog, at his home.

Morris had a broken back leg and Mr Visser administered human pain relief before wrapping him in a towel and pillow case placing him in water in an attempt to drown him and then burying him in the garden without first checking if he had died.

"Morris did not deserve this, his injury was easily treatable and there would be a number of organisations, including RSPCA WA, which could have taken Morris, treated his injury and found him a loving new home.

"As a pet owner it is your responsibility to seek treatment from a vet if your pet is injured.

"The point needs to be made very clearly that you cannot treat pets yourself by using medication not prescribed by a vet, let alone take matters in to your own hands to dispose of the animal.

"If you cannot afford treatment there are a number of options that can assist you if your animal is injured or you can no longer care for it. Do not take matters into your own hands.

"Morris did not deserve this ending to his short life," Mr van Ooran said.



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