Help pave the way to a brighter future for WA cats!

Help pave the way to a brighter future for WA cats!

Every year abused, abandoned and surrendered cats and kittens depend on RSPCA WA for protection, rehabilitation and that vital second chance.

RSPCA WA Chief Executive Officer David van Ooran said RSPCA WA is preparing for the future and has committed to a new cat rehoming centre that will see up to 2,000 kittens and cats find refuge at the centre each year.

“It is a sad fact that each year we care for hundreds of cats and this new modern centre will enable us to provide shelter and safety for over three times more abused and neglected cats than we do currently and continue our work to rehome 100% of all healthy, domesticated cats.

“Construction is already underway and with $400,000 required to complete the building RSPCA is calling all animal lovers to support us by purchasing a personalised paver for $144 or making a donation.

“The pavers will be laid around the centre as a lasting memory of the generosity and support of the Western Australian community,” Mr van Ooran said.

A number of cats that were seized and brought to RSPCA WA also brought with them a highly infectious disease that has subsequently forced the closure of our cattery.

While the cats have been in our care we have had the cattery in quarantine and used other measures to house other cats to prevent the spread of the disease, including moving staff to demountables.

This unfortunate situation has seen the need to advance the closure of our old cattery and expedited the need for a new one.

With the new cattery expected to be completed mid-year the time to take action is now! The pavers will be in place for the opening of the centre.

To purchase a paver or make a donation or find out more about the new centre visit or call 1300 661 335



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