Eden Hill man banned for 20 years for beating dog

Eden Hill man banned for 20 years for beating dog

Scott Toop (33), formerly of Eden Hill, pleaded guilty to ill-treating an animal and in Armadale Magistrates Court today was fined $3000 plus costs and prohibited from owning an animal for 20 years.

In February 2014, Mr Toop struck Flash, a two year old female black and white staffy cross, after she had wandered into a Noranda Pharmacy.

As Mr Toop approached Flash in the pharmacy she cowered and walk backwards, he then roughly grabbed her and punched her causing her to make high pitch squeals before carrying her out.

Flash was punched again as she was carried to the car, where she was thrown into the back where the punching continued.

Flash was forfeited to RSPCA WA and remains in our care being treated by the dog behaviour and veterinary teams.

On arrival to RSPCA WA, Flash would back away from anyone who approached her. If we attempted to touch her she would scream.

The behaviour team has spent over 15 months working with Flash to get her to the point where she will now readily approach people for interaction and only rarely screams.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said this was a violent and disturbing incident and sadly evidence showed this was not the first time Flash had suffered at the hands of Mr Toop.

"Aggression towards an innocent animal is unacceptable, but to do so in a public place shows Mr Toop has no concern for animals or the people who witnessed the incident.

"RSPCA will not tolerate people who treat their animals in such a manner and will take the necessary action to protect the welfare of an animal.

"We encourage anyone who sees any acts of animal cruelty to contact us and report it."

"We are pleased to have achieved justice for Flash and of the progress she has made after extensive behaviour modification with our dog behaviour team," Inspector Swift said.



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