Select Committee Inquiry into RSPCA WA

Select Committee Inquiry into RSPCA WA

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Legislative Council of the Western Australian Parliament established a Select Committee to inquiry into the operations of RSPCA WA, including an examination of our funding from the government, our objectives and the use of our powers.

The Select Committee is made up of five members of the Legislative Council and will be chaired by Hon Rick Mazza MLC, the Shooters and Fishers Party member, who put forward the motion to appoint the Committee. 

The Select Committee has invited RSPCA WA to advise others of the inquiry and their ability to make a submission. In this respect RSPCA WA calls on all Western Australians who want to see a balanced approach to animal welfare in WA to stand up and support RSPCA by making a written submission to the Committee. In your written submission you can also request a hearing to appear before the committee.  

Please note that the closing date for submissions is 5pm on Friday 3 July 2015. It is important that you get your submission in before that date.

  • You can find out more about the Committee and its terms of reference at (choose Committees/Current Committees - then scan down to the Committee’s name). 
  • Information on how to Make a Submission to the Committee can be found on Parliament’s website at (choose Committees / About Committees / Legislative Council Guide to Making Submissions to a Parliamentary Committee).

The inquiry is expected to be completed by December at which stage the Committee’s report will be tabled in the Legislative Council.  The Committee report is then set down for discussion at a later date at which time all members of the Council can debate the findings and recommendations.  The Government is required to reply to the report two months after being tabled.  The Government can accept, reject, modify or adapt the Committee’s recommendations.



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