Do you recognise this dog?

Do you recognise this dog?

**** UPDATE Thanks everyone for helping spread the word, the owner has been found. It’s a very sad ending, the dog had been missing for a month and the owner had been searching with no luck. Unfortunately it is not the ending he was hoping for. ******

RSPCA WA is calling for information about a dog found near the Albany Water Ski Club.

If you recognise the dog or know who the owner is please contact us on 1300 278 3589.

The dog was found by a group of young people who heard the dog crying in the reeds down near the Kalgan River (vicinity of the Albany Water Ski Club).

Unfortunately the dog did not have a collar nor was it microchipped.

The dog is an older male Terrier that was blind and injured, unable to move far the dog had flattened a small area in the reeds where he was found.

When taken to the vet it was discovered the dog was flea ridden and had a number of holes in its back which had maggots crawling out of them.

The dog was continually crying and in such a severe condition it was considered he was hours from death. The decision was made to euthanise him and cease his suffering.

Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said we don't know how long he had been out there but with the recent weather it would not have been a pleasant experience for him.

"We are also at a loss as to how he could have got out there, especially with his restricted movement.

"This is one of the worst cases of animal suffering we have seen and it is not fair that a dog that got to this age should suffer like this at the end.

"Dog owners are reminded that as your dog ages there is every chance that it will need more vet treatment not less and it is your responsibility to seek it for the dog.

"If anyone has information on this dog please contact us," Chief Inspector Swift said.

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