Ellenbrook couple banned and fined for abandoning dog

Ellenbrook couple banned and fined for abandoning dog

An Ellenbrook couple have been prohibited from owning an animal for 10 years and fined $5,000 each in the Midland Magistrates Court today.

Sheree MACKAY and Luke TOY abandoned their 4 ½ year old female American Bulldog, Brooklyn and left her with no food or water.

Witnesses told RSPCA WA that the couple had left Brooklyn at the property on her own with no one to care for her for about two weeks.

Brooklyn was taken to RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre for treatment. Unfortunately and sadly she was later euthanised.

RSPCA WA, wishes to thank members of the public who assisted with this matter.

If you witness any cruelty or neglect please take action and report it to the RSPCA WA on 1300 CRUELTY or www.rspcawa.asn.au.



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