Herne Hill woman sentenced for threatening an Inspector

Herne Hill woman sentenced for threatening an Inspector

A Herne Hill woman has been found guilty in the Midland Magistrates Court of two counts of animal cruelty and threatening an RSPCA WA Inspector.

Tanya Rose Ryder (50) was sentenced to an $8000 fine ($3000 for each animal and $2000 for threatening the inspector) and has been prohibited from owning another animal for five years.

Ms Ryder had a kitten and dog in her care that had both suffered an injury and had not received treatment for the injury.

Smokey, a female kitten aged between four and seven months, was found unable to bear weight on one of her hind legs after allegedly falling out of a tree.

Smokey was surrendered to RSPCA WA and taken to a vet for immediate treatment. Examinations revealed Smokey had an old fracture that had occurred too long ago to be repaired by surgery, so a decision was made to amputate her left hind leg.

Smokey has fully recovered from the surgery and has been rehomed.

Ms Ryder also had an 11 month old Chihuahua, Tiny, who was also unable to bear weight on his left rear leg after allegedly being hit by a car two weeks previously.

When the inspector questioned Ms Ryder about treatment for Tiny she became aggressive and threatened the inspector.

Police were called and Tiny was seized and taken for vet treatment. Tiny remains with RSPCA WA and is receiving treatment. The treating vet said if Tiny’s fracture had been treated at the time it could have resulted in the limb being fully functional.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said if one of your animals is injured or maimed you are responsible for making sure they are treated by a vet.

“No animal should suffer as a result of a treatable injury. It is tragic we have to deal with cases like this that are totally avoidable.

“It is also an offence to threaten an inspector who is doing their duty and trying to save an animal who is suffering,” Ms Swift said.

If you witness any cruelty or neglect please take action and report it to the RSPCA WA on 1300 CRUELTY or www.rspcawa.asn.au




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