Partnership benefits abandoned dogs like Katie

Partnership benefits abandoned dogs like Katie

A partnership between RSPCA WA in Geraldton and Geraldton Dog Rescue is resulting in dozens of abandoned, neglected and homeless dogs like three-year-old Jack Russell terrier Katie gaining a second chance at a happy life.

Katie was rescued at the end of August after being abandoned in a house in Carloo for over two weeks after her owners left home. Fortunately, neighbours realised she had been left to fend for herself and started to feed her before calling RSPCA WA for help.

As a result of RSPCA WA intervening, Katie was rescued and has since been vaccinated and sterilised; she is now up for adoption via Geraldton Dog Rescue with whom RSPCA WA has formed a partnership.

RSPCA WA Inspector Maureen said she was extremely thankful that the neighbours did the right thing by contacting RSPCA WA so that they could intervene and take ownership of Katie.

"Although she is a little timid Katie is a very sweet natured dog who is affectionate, loves cuddles and is quite happy around cats," says RSPCA WA Inspector Maureen.

"Our partnership with Geraldton Dog Rescue means that she has now been transitioned to their foster care program where she is now up for adoption, preferably with a retired couple or perhaps a single female who will help build her confidence and give her the loving home she deserves."

Anyone interested in adopting Katie can contact Geraldton Dog Rescue on 0400 219 719 or via

In the last six months over a dozen dogs, including six puppies, have been rescued by RSPCA WA and transitioned to Geraldton Dog Rescue for rehoming, with more animals arriving every month.

RSPCA WA relies on donations and community support to fund more than 90% per cent of its costs, as only six per cent is covered by a grant from the State Government.

Geraldton Dog Rescue is run by volunteers and works to rehome suitable dogs from the City of Greater Geraldton dog pound, as well as those rescued via RSPCA WA Inspectors.