RSPCA WA Welcomes Ministerial Review Recommendations

RSPCA WA Welcomes Ministerial Review Recommendations

RSPCA WA today welcomed the recommendations of a Ministerial Review into the administration of the Animal Welfare Act (2002) in Western Australia.

"Most of the recommendations are good common sense which we support and suggested in our submission to the review," RSPCA WA President Lynne Bradshaw said.

"We have been calling for the Act to be updated for some time in order to provide animals with better protection from cruelty."

The Review made 19 recommendations covering Policy and Legislation, Governance and Administration, Compliance, Regional Coverage, Value for Money and Resourcing.

"The RSPCA WA is the first responder for animal cruelty complaints in WA and will, for very good reasons, continue in that role," Mrs Bradshaw said.

"As the review highlights, the Government gets exceptional value for its $500,000 contribution to the RSPCA for work by our inspectors, a 24 hour cruelty hotline and education services which cost more than $3 Million dollars a year to provide."

"We also need to recognise the massive contribution of tens of thousands of ordinary Western Australians who financially support the RSPCA, year after year," Mrs Bradshaw said. "The community demands the independent and trusted RSPCA to be the leading authority in relation to protecting animals from cruelty."

RSPCA WA also welcomes recommendations to ensure the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) improves complaints handling procedures, standard policies and procedures, and establish an overall monitoring and evaluation system for activities carried out under the act.

"RSPCA WA already has best practice policies and procedures and we look forward to working with Government to improve DAFWA processes."

RSPCA WA says it is looking forward to taking part in the Government's much-needed new push against animal cruelty wherever it occurs, for all creatures great or small.




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