Sunday is Perth’s luckiest pig after RSPCA rescue

Sunday is Perth’s luckiest pig after RSPCA rescue

Sunday the Pig could be Perth's luckiest porcine after RSPCA WA inspectors saved his bacon from being served as Christmas lunch over the festive break.

The piglet was surrendered to RSPCA WA inspectors last weekend after his owner received the animal as a 'Christmas joke'.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said RSPCA WA was braced for the annual influx of puppies and kittens surrendered after being given as unwanted Christmas presents, but the arrival of Sunday the Pig was somewhat of an anomaly.

Chief Inspector Swift said RSPCA WA discovered Sunday to be in a poor condition suffering from a bad skin condition, and he had been fed an unsuitable diet of ice-cream, watermelon and flour mixed with water since Christmas.

"Because of the heat we've been having in Perth over Christmas, little Sunday was suffering from exposure to the heat and a condition called psycroptic sores on his skin, which his owners had failed to treat," Chief Inspector Swift said.

"It's extremely important for all animal owners to be aware of their responsibility to ensure the welfare of their animals, regardless of whether they eventually intend for the animal to be consumed for meat, and to ensure the humane slaughter of the animal if that is the case."

In addition to rescuing Sunday, RSPCA inspectors rescued a goose over the Christmas break following a report from a member of the public.

"It's safe to say this little piggy and goose are the luckiest animals this side of the New Year," Chief Inspector Swift said.

"Sunday is now being treated for his skin condition and is safe from becoming a Sunday roast. When he has been nursed back to full health, Sunday will be looking for a forever home as a family pet on a suitable property."

RSPCA WA relies on donations and community support to generate more than 90% of the funds required to sustain its animal protection work, as only six percent is covered by a grant from the State Government.

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